Monday, December 15, 2014

Hard to believe that this year is just about over. In just 10 days it will be Christmas day!  I know many of you aren't ready. Don't worry, neither am I.  I have one ornament yet to make and am waiting for another item to arrive so I can wrap it. Then there are the two types of cookies still to bake. Other than that - I'm ready. 

It has been a full and busy year. My wonderful loyal customers kept me busy. New customers kept me even busier. New quilters allowed me to guide them and to teach a few of them 'formally'.  My fellow quilters kept me encouraged. My family and friends loved me through it all. And God blessed me and my family each and every day. 

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. May the joy of the season be with you and your families. May you be able to keep the stress to a minimum, and don't fret over the little things. Remember even what we think are big things, are really little things overall. 

In this hectic time of year, take time out for yourself. Remember to breath. And sit back, relax, reflect, and enjoy the new as well as the memories of past Christmas's. 

Til next time....
Enjoy the season
Spend time with family
And smile as a child full of wonderment. 




Monday, December 1, 2014


As we enter into December we are all starting to look at Christmas trees. 
Some have very large trees, others have smaller trees. Some are real, some are alive and still in dirt to be replanted, and some are artificial. 

Some are even homemade and rather tiny compared to the artificial and real ones. 

But they all have a purpose. 

Homemade, small/tiny trees fit in places others don't. They are very portable. They are perfect for those in RV's, nursing homes, hospitals, or shelters. They fit on a mantel, dresser, a night stand, even a window sill. They are perfect on your desk at work.

Over 25 years ago I made my first miniature Christmas tree because my husband and I were moving from a large house into a 31 foot motor home. We had put our house up for sale in October and it sold quickly! So quickly the buyers wanted to move in by December 15th of that year. So we had to be out by the 13th. 
We moved from a 5 bedroom, 3 story house into that motor home just fine. I made sure my sewing machine went with us. (I didn't even sew back then and certainly wasn't into quilting!  We were in the motorcycle business!!). I also made sure we had a Christmas tree to put up in our new home. 

(We lived in that motor home for 5 years and I put up that same tree each year ---- we didn't have a stationary home, just the RV). 

25 years later...... we are out of the motorcycle business for 20 years now. I'm a quilter with my own business including longarming of quilts.  AND....

I'm back to making tiny trees!  These are much better than the one I made all those years ago.... (which I still have and put out in my studio each year! LOL).   

I have a couple of them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I even make quilted fabric pine cones..... 


quilted fabric ornaments !!! 

So if you have a special place needing a special touch but can't have a real or even artificial tree..... contact me. I can help you out!  

Til next time...
Keep those needles stitching
Those creative juices flowing
and take time to celebrate the season. 


Friday, November 21, 2014


Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I was sitting here thinking about it and how it has changed over the years. Yes, it's still a holiday (day) where families gather for a big meal and spend family time together.

As a child that is all it was.... oh, and football afterward.  Grown ups took naps after eating so much and blamed it all on the turkey. 

Some years the weather was so bad that not all the family could make it in to the main meal destination.
Other years the house was full of family having a great get together. I never remember Christmas being in the picture at all. 

And now.... now that we've grown up..... Thanksgiving is a time of family, of gathering for a big meal and enjoying being with family.  BUT..... it is also a time to start decorating for Christmas; it's all about Black Friday and the sales (now also on Thanksgiving day). It's about people complaining because they have to work on Thanksgiving day and spend the day away from family. They have to miss the big meal. All because retailers are greedy and not only want the most money, they want to be the first to get the most money!  

Thanksgiving has now got to be the most stressful holiday there is!  Unless you are not affected by the retail aspect of it and have the day off and are not going shopping.... 
I know you are still affected by the Christmas sale add, the Christmas decorations being up already i some places and even Christmas music being played.
Where has family time gone?  Where has relaxing time gone?  Where has being close to family gone? 

However, if you are a quilter/crafter.... we always are thinking about Christmas and the gifts we need to make for everyone. Crafters like to see the holiday craft supplies out early. But we also like to take time to enjoy Thanksgiving and what it is all about. 

I, for one.... miss the Thanksgivings of childhood. 

I also will be working on Thanksgiving, right after an early meal with family----- wonderful life of retail. 

Til next time
Keep those needles stitching,
Those creative juices flowing
and Enjoy your weekend.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life in the Studio

Welcome to more of the countdown to Christmas and the busy season. 
I had set a goal of things I wanted to get accomplished by today and well...... I'm only a day away from reaching that goal, so not too bad. 

Yesterday I finished two 5' Christmas stockings for a customer who wants them to decorate his doors and then have something to hand down to his children!  I'm honored!  

I also finished longarming a customer's quilt. It was her fourth of four in this order. I've done 16 of them for her just this year. She makes them to then donate them to the homeless children in a town near me. 

I also finished up a few folded fabric pine cone ornaments like the one above. Plus made two more of the regular folded fabric ornaments. And finished a folded fabric Christmas tree. (All finished to the point of ribbons to be added.... which I did a few of those today. )

Also yesterday, since my studio is at home I did three loads of laundry!  

Today.... I put the ribbons on several of the ornaments and pine cones. prepared, loaded and started longarming a queen size quilt for a Christmas gift (Personal). 

I'm also in the process of organizing my studio ---- again.  After working on several projects the area gets a bit messy and cluttered and I need it clean to work. While doing this I've gathered pieces of fabric that are too small to be put back on the boards and store on the wall shelves. Some too small to make fat quarters out of. I'm doing my best to get to the point of cutting them up in preparation for scrappy quilts. That is my downfall... I have a hard time with scrappy quilts.  Maybe that should be my goal next year..... to get over that 'fear'/challenge. 

All in all it has been a great weekend.  Ending too soon. 
Last weekend my computer died so I'm working with a new one now that I really love, but my old files and photos have not been transferred yet so am limited in what I can post in pics. As soon as get those on my new computer and get caught up on photos I'll post more of what I have worked on this year. 

In the mean time....

Keep those needles stitching, the creative juices flowing and have a wonderful week! 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Holidays are Here

Yes, the holidays are here.  Halloween has come and gone. Thanksgiving will be here soon. And believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. 

We sit back for just a moment and wonder where the year has gone. What were we doing while it sped past us? 

I've been a busy quilter, photographer, Mom, wife and grandmother. 

Customer quilts kept me busy for most of the year which was a wonderful feeling. Always having those extra quilts spending a brief amount of time in my studio before they headed out to parts unknown was special. I enjoy being a part of the making of a special quilt for a special person. I also enjoy being a part of making quilts for charity. I usually don't have time to make the whole quilt, but have been involved with doing the longarm work for several quilts that have been made and then given to the homeless children in our area. 

It amazes me the time, money and work people put into quilts that are then given away to those we will never know. The love that goes into it. I hope  the person who receives it will feel that love when they wrap up in it. I hope it touches their lives in a positive way that they will remember forever and share over time.

As we all settle in for our long winters nap..... 

Oh, wait, most of us will be busier than even at this time of year!  

As we all settle in for running our sewing machines, cutting, washing, pressing, pinning, stitching and binding....... so others can enjoy that long winter's nap under a quilt ...... 

Take time to be thankful each day for something.  We are all blessed. If you are a quilter or other crafter you have been blessed with your creativity and talents. If you are not that creative you are still blessed. We often overlook the little ways we are blessed while we look for the big blessing. Take time to notice the little things. 

I leave you now for a little while. Nap time has come, with a busy day ahead. While life goes on, I'm also busy making a few major projects as well as working on Christmas ornaments again this year. I still have a few customer quilts to finish as well as one special personal quilt to get done. Whew ..... yep, no time for a long winter's nap. 

Til next time... 
Keep those needles stitching, 
those creative juices flowing
those blessings being counted
and encouragement going out to others. 

Phyllis :) ♥

Monday, September 29, 2014

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

I have applied to be part of this Grant offer in hopes to have a dream come true in having my own quilt shop.
I need your votes to help me reach that goal.

If you have a facebook account please vote for me as well as share this link with others to vote as well. click on this link:
Thank you so much for your vote.

UPDATE:  I was blessed with receiving enough (and more) votes!  Now we wait until sometime in January 2015 for the results and to see who the winners are.

Thanks again for those who voted, for those praying, for those sending positive thoughts, for those sending encouragement and for those waiting for my shop to open!  May God's will shine through.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is in the Air

Welcome to Fall! 

Summer has passed us by so quickly, it's hard to believe that fall is here.  One look outside and we can already see the leaves changing colors. I am looking forward to a trip over the mountain in another week, maybe two to capture the colors with my camera. 

In the mean time the quilting rush is on!   
Yes, it is that time of year when suddenly we realize Christmas isn't that far away.  I have 6 quilts in line at the moment, and a few more headed my way in a couple of weeks. And those are the ones I know about. I am sure there are more out there headed my way, and as is my personal policy for Quilter's Pantry.... I will do my best to get them all done in time. 
This year I am setting a time limit on getting them in to me. The cut off date for having your quilt to me for longarming in time for you to have it back in time for Christmas is October 30th!  
I have two maybe three personal quilts to get done this year as well. One is just about done!  

And this brings me to time management. We all suffer from poor management from time to time. We work, we have families, we quilt, we have other hobbies, we all have so much that we do day after day. We have plans for what we want to do and when we need to have it done. Then we wake up one day and realize we don't have it done and we have a lot less time to work on it to get it done; or worse, that time has passed and it's too late. 

With that in mind, and I know it's only the end of September, but..... it's also just about October already!  How are your quilting projects going?  Who is on your Christmas list?  Make a list and take a deep breath.  Don't feel bad that others may have a jump on getting all their gifts done. Concentrate on your own.  

Making a quilt and need it longarmed?  Let me know.  Like I said, but off date this year is October 30th!  

No time to make your own quilt or other craft item (Homemade item)? I also make Christmas ornaments!  Check out my Etsy shop to see those. Special orders are welcome. The cut off date for special orders on those is November 15th. 

I will leave you now with thoughts of all the things you have facing you to get ready for Christmas. However, I also want you all to take each day, one day at a time, to enjoy what is set before you. Take time to take a deep breath, to look around you and see the beauty in the area, or even in the fabrics in front of you. Take time each day to enjoy the day. 

Til next time..... 
keep those needles stitching, 
the thoughts and creative ideas flowing 
the joy in your hearts.