Saturday, August 31, 2013


As the days and months go by we spend our year wishing for the next season to get here. Winter leaves us wishing for spring, Spring leaves us wishing for summer, Summer arrives and before we know it that too is on the way out and we are faced with fall and then another winter. We spend our lives wishing it away. 

As we spend this weekend celebrating the end of summer (even though our temps are high enough to be the middle of summer) we also realize we are approaching that time to start getting ready for Christmas. (see, we've totally missed thinking fall!)

Many people complain about the stores putting up Christmas decorations early (although they are NOT out yet). But, as quilters and other crafters or those of us who make all or most or even some of the gifts we give, it is time for us to get started on them. A few have already started! Including me. 

Before we look forward to planning the gifts we will make for others, let's look back over the summer. 

Many took the time off from quilting due to summer activities. Sports events, summer vacations, gardening, family time, and 'it's too hot to quilt' overtake our desire and love of quilting. We set priorities for other things we love to do and can only due during the summer. We know the quilting will be there when we get to it. ......

We also go through withdrawal. We still see quilt patterns in the strangest things, we love to stop at the quilt/fabric shops as we travel, we still look at quilts, attend quilt shows and dream! For a quilter we live and breath quilts. Getting a quitler talking about quilts is like asking a grandparent to talk about their grandchildren. And if a quilter also has grandchildren, look out. They can talk and show pictures for hours! Just ask me..... I've become one of 'them' :)

So, what have you done with your summer season? Have you worked in the garden enjoying the fruits, vegetables, and flowers you planted? 
Have you been able to go on a vacation and get some much overdue rest and relaxation? Have you been able to spend more time with your family and friends, getting out and doing more? Have you had time to quilt? 

My family has done a little bit of all of that this year except the garden. We didn't even plant tomatoes like before. we did however have a few plants that just grew from the seeds in the garden from last year. We spent time with family, we took a few days off (this weekend) to rest, relax and be with more family and friends. I also quilted all summer long. It's been a good summer. 

Life is good and we have been blessed. 

May you all have a great end of summer. Stay safe, stay cool and take time with family and friends. You'll have plenty of time to sit and quilt - next week! 

We will be working on more fabrics for sale, refreshing the quilts we have for sale, and starting our classes up again for those who want to learn how to quilt. 

Til next time - keep those needles stitching. 



Monday, August 5, 2013


I remember wondering when summer would come, and now it is nearly over. What did you accomplish this summer?

Here at Quilter's Pantry we quilted. Both for myself and for my customers. We also took a business trip and have a class reunion for my DH coming up soon. And a very special birthday party coming up in just a few days for our grandson - 1 year old already! 

I also learned - 

We can learn a lot from quilts and quilting. We learn new techniques, new tools, new fabrics.  We learn what they mean or could mean to others. 

We learn that quilts do not have to be perfect, especially when you are just a beginner. The seams don't have to match perfectly. The seams in the back don't have to be pressed all the same direction. 

A quilt is made up of many fragments of a wide variety of colors and fabrics. We pull pieces from this and that and stitch them into something wonderful. We can quilt alone, or we can quilt with other people. We can join groups that are close to where we live, as well as groups made up of people from around the world. 

Quilts are a lesson about life.

Our lives don't have to be perfect. Our connections don't always have to match. Our backgrounds don't have to all line up in one directions. In fact, that would make life less interesting. 

Our lives are a mixture of fragments we experience along the way. We blend many different life events to form what we become. We are also always changing, growing and trying new things. 

We make our lives full with those we surround ourselves with. We may be alone, or belong with small groups close to where we live or be connected to many around the world.

We wrap our lives in the warmth of love. A love of our family. A love of our friends. A love of things past that bring fond memories. A love and warmth of even the unknowing future of what each day holds for us. 

Today look upon the quilts in your life. Look upon the people in your life. Look upon the joy, the warmth and the never ending, always changing way a quilt and quilting and our life brings happiness to so many. 

And until next time.... wrap your arms around them all.