Monday, September 29, 2014

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

I have applied to be part of this Grant offer in hopes to have a dream come true in having my own quilt shop.
I need your votes to help me reach that goal.

If you have a facebook account please vote for me as well as share this link with others to vote as well. click on this link:
Thank you so much for your vote.

UPDATE:  I was blessed with receiving enough (and more) votes!  Now we wait until sometime in January 2015 for the results and to see who the winners are.

Thanks again for those who voted, for those praying, for those sending positive thoughts, for those sending encouragement and for those waiting for my shop to open!  May God's will shine through.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is in the Air

Welcome to Fall! 

Summer has passed us by so quickly, it's hard to believe that fall is here.  One look outside and we can already see the leaves changing colors. I am looking forward to a trip over the mountain in another week, maybe two to capture the colors with my camera. 

In the mean time the quilting rush is on!   
Yes, it is that time of year when suddenly we realize Christmas isn't that far away.  I have 6 quilts in line at the moment, and a few more headed my way in a couple of weeks. And those are the ones I know about. I am sure there are more out there headed my way, and as is my personal policy for Quilter's Pantry.... I will do my best to get them all done in time. 
This year I am setting a time limit on getting them in to me. The cut off date for having your quilt to me for longarming in time for you to have it back in time for Christmas is October 30th!  
I have two maybe three personal quilts to get done this year as well. One is just about done!  

And this brings me to time management. We all suffer from poor management from time to time. We work, we have families, we quilt, we have other hobbies, we all have so much that we do day after day. We have plans for what we want to do and when we need to have it done. Then we wake up one day and realize we don't have it done and we have a lot less time to work on it to get it done; or worse, that time has passed and it's too late. 

With that in mind, and I know it's only the end of September, but..... it's also just about October already!  How are your quilting projects going?  Who is on your Christmas list?  Make a list and take a deep breath.  Don't feel bad that others may have a jump on getting all their gifts done. Concentrate on your own.  

Making a quilt and need it longarmed?  Let me know.  Like I said, but off date this year is October 30th!  

No time to make your own quilt or other craft item (Homemade item)? I also make Christmas ornaments!  Check out my Etsy shop to see those. Special orders are welcome. The cut off date for special orders on those is November 15th. 

I will leave you now with thoughts of all the things you have facing you to get ready for Christmas. However, I also want you all to take each day, one day at a time, to enjoy what is set before you. Take time to take a deep breath, to look around you and see the beauty in the area, or even in the fabrics in front of you. Take time each day to enjoy the day. 

Til next time..... 
keep those needles stitching, 
the thoughts and creative ideas flowing 
the joy in your hearts.