You Know You're a Quilter When...

Here you will read the many signs of being a quilter. So many little things we all seem to have, to do, to visualize, or to think that other's don't until they are quilters too (or live with a quilter).

1) You have threads on all your clothes, even as they come fresh out of the dryer.
2) You have quilter's pins stuck in the sun visor of your car.
3) You see quilt blocks in the carpet at the doctor's office - or other public places
4) You see someone's outfit and want to use the fabric from it in your latest quilt.
5) You know it is o.k. to pet on fabric in the store.
6) You understand the a Fat Quarter is not a bad term
7) You have children who can tell you the names of quilt blocks.
8) You plan your vacation around a quilt show (or two)
9) You make sure you know where the quilt shops are in the area you are vacationing in
10) You take your sewing machine with you on your vacation.
11) You have a pad of paper and pencil, or pen next to your bed to write quilting related thoughts on when you wake up in the middle of the night.
12) You use the napkin in the restaurant to copy the quilt pattern of the quilt that hangs on the wall (Thanks Diane for that one!)
13) You think an iron makes a perfect Christmas or birthday gift! (Hint, hint)
14) You get a package in the mail of fabric pieces from someone you don't know at all and are thrilled.
15) You make sure you have your sewing machine and supplies ready to grab and take with you in the case of a bad storm and evacuation notice.
16) You have a pair of scissors in your purse. As well as pins, needles, thread, and pieces of fabric.
17) You carry a photo album around of all your quilts, but the kids/grandkids photos are at home.
18) You have a stash at your house and it's all legal.
19) You take down all the art work displayed on your walls and put up your quilts and wall hangings.
20) You can't drive past a quilt shop without stopping in.
21) You get asked if you are a quilter and you haven't said a word.
22) You get asked if you sew and you say, 'No, I'm a quilter'.  
23) You have several pairs of scissors and none are for cutting paper.
24) You understand: LQS, FQ, WIP, LOF, WOF, D9P, BOM, STD, HST, FMQ,  LAQ and more 
25) You laugh at the above because you know what I'm talking about and are ready to add your own!
 Let me know what yours are and I'll add them to the list! 
Happy Quilting

and from your input:
Debi sent in:
26) You know you're a quilter when you buy a scalpel to un-stitch your sandwich because it's faster than using a seam ripper!

27) You make sure you have a small quilting project, quilt book, quilt magazine, or at least paper and pen with you when you go to the doctor's office or any other place you will have to wait. 
28) You can't wait to see the new fabrics come into the stores.
29) You see an empty wall and want to make a quilt (wall hanging) for that space.