Friday, March 30, 2012

Set up day

Today is set up day for the show. I have the car packed ready to go. I still have things to finish making, and wish there was more time to make more of the little things - legal pad organizers, bibs etc. I can always take orders.
If you are in the area please stop by at say hi.
I'll be at the Chocolate Fiesta at Mtn View Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN.  4005 Bristol Hwy.
Big church on the hill past Winged Deer Park.  Sat March 31st 10 -3.
I pray they do well as it is a fund raiser for their mission trip this summer. 

If you can't make there I'll be at the quilt show at the Appalachian Fair Grounds in Gray, TN on April 27 - 28.

Plus I'm on the web, Etsy and just an email or call away.

 Have a great weekend.


Top picture is my set up. I am now ready for the show tomorrow..... have to remember to take the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made!  ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Quilter's Pantry is busy getting ready for our first show. While it's not a quilt show I will be there with my quilts and more.

If you are in the area please stop by this event. It's for a great cause and who can resist Chocolate!

"Chocolate Fiesta will be at Mountain View Baptist Church March 31st from 10 to 3. Here is what will be there.
We have massage,race tickets, family fun tickets, quilts, Bring gold and silver to recycle, jewelry, skin care, make up, sandwiches, home health, B12, vacations, BBQ sauce, baby items,etc. Come join the fun."
The event of a fund raiser for their mission trip to Haiti. 

Quilter's Pantry will be there with several quilts, legal pad organizers, baby bibs and ...... come by to see!

Saturday, March 31 at 10:00am at Mountain View Baptist Church  4005 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring in East TN!  Pic is the view from our deck. If you're ever in the area and have time, call and stop by Quilter's Pantry and enjoy the view as well as the quilts and other things I may be making! 

We welcome spring with temps in the low 80's today. Feels so wonderful. I look at all the sweaters in my closet and realize it's time to put them away. Time for the lighter weight clothes. Time for some to switch out the quilts on the beds to spring patterns.

It's also a great time to get those quilt tops that are piling up in your sewing area/closet and send them to us to longarm for you. While you are busy out in the garden, enjoying the spring temps and sun, planting the garden, playing with the kids, enjoying this time of year, you can have your quilts being finished in time for sending to loved ones for birthdays, new births, even in plenty of time for Christmas, or using yourself.   

I know some of you are still attempting to dig out of snow that is piling up. So it's still 'need a quilt' time. We're here year 'round for all of you.

While we wait on your quilt tops, we are busy making more legal pad organizers, baby bibs and preparing for a show March 31st. And then we prepare for a quilt show April 27 & 28th. We still have time to work on your quilt tops so don't hesitate in sending them. Check out our web site for details. Or send me an email.

We are also busy making a quilt for a local group organizing a Relay for Life/American Cancer Society event being held May 12th. I designed a quilt for this occasion and with the help of a couple of other ladies we are working on getting it created. It will be done in plenty of time so show to you as well as for them to have it as a silent auction to raise money for this wonderful cause.  Someday we will have a cure. Someday we won't need to have these events. Someday our grandkids or great grandkids will may say, "Thank you for all you did to raise money for the cure we have." 

For today - go out and make it a good day.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Relay for Life/American Cancer Society Quilt

I have been honored to be selected to make a quilt for one of the local Relay for Life/American Cancer Society events. I have 6 weeks or so to make it. The quilt will be my own design, and include embroidery which a friend is doing for me. Another friend is going to help with the piecing after I cut all the pieces. I will them do the longarm work on it. I will also be making a custom label for the back.  

I've wanted to make a cancer quilt for as long as I've been quilting and just never got to it. I've lost a sister-in-law and a good friend during that time. 
While this quilt will be for the Relay for Life silent auction it will hold special meaning to me as I make it.

This quilt may lead to me making a second one, just because, and in memory or honor of: 
My mother, father-in-law, grandmother, one of my good friends from high school, my husband's sister, cousin, and his aunt, and several of our friends/acquaintances. 

I will post pictures of the quilt when it is done and maybe as I am working on it. 

If you are in the area - the quilt will be up for silent auction on May 12, 2012. I will post more information as time gets closer to the event. 

Praying for all those who are fighting the battle of cancer and for those who have won as well as the families who have lost loved ones to this disease. 

The picture is one of the fabrics I am using in the quilt. 
God Bless


Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung in east TN. The trees out front are in full bloom and actually already showing light green leaves. The temps are like summer already and with all that comes lots of energy!  So much going on, so much to do. The birds are busy making nests - one attempting to make a large nest in our BBQ grill LOL  We now leave the lid up so they go elsewhere to nest. At the moment they are not happy with us. But we can't have them so close to where we spend a lot of our time enjoying the view God has blessed us with. 
For the last two years we've had robins who have either nested or attempted to nest on our deck.  We must be a safe haven for them. 

Let the joy of spring continue. Go out and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OPEN AND CLOSED - the latest in the line of note pad organizers

Here are the latest in the line of notepad organizers. An opened view with the key fob that matches, and a closed view.  I'm making more and a couple more of the larger size also. 
They are great for jotting down notes, keeping business cards, credit cards. 

OR use one for your shopping list, coupons and discount cards. 

The key fob may also be used as a bookmark!  

Your pen can be stored in the 'hiding' place with the key fob, or in one of the pockets on the left side. 

So many uses!  

Soon to be in the Quilter's Pantry shop. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change

Good morning everyone! Welcome to a new week with a new time -SPRING FORWARD time is here. It makes for more daylight, more time to get things done outside. In the mean time we have lost an hour. An hour that jumped forward while we (most of us) were asleep so we wouldn't notice.  HA!  I noticed! I had to work yesterday so forced myself through the day. 

Today I am off work and got to sleep in. Now it's time to head to the quilt studio to play with fabrics!

I really enjoy being able to look at fabric and listen to what it has to say about what it wants to become.
The added joy is my working in a fabric department and playing with all the fabrics that come in. I have the joy of talking with customers who are buying fabric and learning what they are making. Often they share with me and ask for my opinion on what they are making and how to make it. 

I was blessed with a mother who taught me a lot about sewing. I am blessed with friends who also taught me more about quilting. I am also blessed with the talent and creativity that God has given me.  

I have two shows coming up where my items will be for sale. One is March 31st, the other is April 27 - 28th. 
Both are local shows. The one in March is at the Mountain View Baptist Church - the 'Chocolate Fest' they are doing to raise money for missions. 
The other one is a Quilt show at the Appalachian Fair Grounds in Gray, TN. 
If you are in the area, or can make it I'd love to see you at either one, or both of these events. 

In the mean time ---- You'll find me in the Quilter's Pantry Quilt Studio. 


Friday, March 9, 2012

Another use for t-shirts!

As if I have spare time some days. 
But this was so fast and easy to make! 

I have joined the many who are on Pinterest. I love the site. So many craft and inspiring posts, pictures and links there. This idea was one of them. 

Take a t-shirt. Lay it flat on a table or on your cutting mat. Cut it across just under the arm holes. Then cut strips like you would if you are making a fleece tie blanket. The longer the strips the longer your fringe will be. You can either leave the edge of the t-shirt as is or, as I did, I cut that off also. 

Then hold the top of the piece and gently pull each strip to elongate it and make it turn a bit. 
The original post has it worn just as a scarf over your head and hanging down so the fringe reaches your waist. 
I did that, then decided I was cold. I often like to wear turtle necks to keep warm in cool/cold weather. So I took my new 'scarf' and just wrapped it around my neck. I secured it with a safety pin in the back. But if I were going to only wear it this way (as pictured) I would stitch a piece of velcro on each end and use that to secure it in place. 
Now I want more t-shirts to cut up!  

The original idea came from:

Have fun today! 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another weekend has come and gone

SLPC#1004 W/ key fob

SLPC#1004 W/ key fob closed view

Large legal pad organizer #LLPC 1002
This weekend went by way too fast. It was a bit rough Friday night with the storms in the area, but we were spared any damage and didn't even have that much rain. We did stay up late to watch the news as they kept us informed all evening long as to where the storms and tornadoes were headed. 

For all those who were affected by them, had damage, lost their homes, and those that lost loved ones we are praying for you.

I had so much I wanted to get done this weekend and one thing I had to get done. I managed to get the one thing accomplished that I had to do. Plus made these two legal pad cover/organizers. I also have about 6 more covers in various stages of being made. I will work on those over this week in the mornings before I go to work. 

I also longarmed two wall hangings that I am hand sewing the binding on this week during my breaks at work.

All these will be at the show I am working at the end of the month. One of our local churches is doing a fund raiser for a mission trip. One of the members is going to go on the trip and invited me to be one of the vendors. I will have my quilts there as well as wall hangings, legal pad covers, baby bibs and whatever else I can make in time. The show is March 31st. So I have some time to get things done. 

My hours at my regular job have not increased since the beginning of the year so it gives me extra time to work on things for Quilter's Pantry.  If you have a quilt top that needs to be longarmed now is a great time to contact me to get it done. There is NO waiting at this time. Its never too early to get the quilts done for those birthday gifts, and even the Christmas gifts.  If you would like to have one made I can also do that for you. Don't forget that Quilter's Pantry has some for sale too.  Check out the web site for more details on all the services. 

I hope you all have had a good weekend and that the week ahead shows promise for good things to come your way.  May God bless. 

Catch up with you all later. Time to call it a night and get some rest before the next round of work starts. :)



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Along with all the bibs I've made in the last couple of weeks (or less), I've been making these legal pad cover/organizers. They make great organizers to hold legal pads, business cards, a small calculator, other notes of brochures. 
They also make great organizers to take along grocery shopping to hold your list, and coupons and notes.
Great to carry with you to the quilt store to hold your notes, patterns, fabric samples.  

Large legal pad organizer

Use one for jotting down lists and notes of things to do, one for taking notes at your business meetings,one to use as a journal. 

They also make great gifts for any occasion. 

I'll be making more both large like these and smaller ones, like pictured below, to hold the small legal pads. Small ones are great to just toss in your purse and carry along with you.

Small legal pad organizer

I'll have these listed on my web shop soon.  

Have a great day - stay organized.