Sunday, December 22, 2013


Taking time to wish you all a 
Very Merry Christmas! 

May you all be blessed 
while you celebrate 
the day 
on into the New Year.

Til next time - 
Enjoy family and friends and this special time of year. 


Saturday, December 7, 2013


Time is flying by on the way to Christmas! If you are like me, you are no where near finished with all your shopping. If you are a quilter you are busy trying to finish up that last quilting project for a gift (or two). 
We have all year to get these done, but we still end up rushing at the end to get things done. 

If you work retail you are even busier!  Longer hours, more stress from your customers. Office work or other jobs you are still under more time constraints with more to do. Dead lines not only for the month, but for the year! 

Add to all that come the Christmas parties to attend (or plan). The extra gifts to buy for each of those parties. The longer after hours time spent 'having a good time'.

Then there is all the extra food we make and EAT! Yikes, the extra pounds go on, the clothes no longer fit, we feel sluggish from all the extras and lack of sleep. And we feel more stress because of it. 

Now - sit back, take a deep breath. Get a drink of water. Make a list of things you have to get done and take care of. Make a list of the things you WANT to get done and take care of. Learn to say "NO". Put a limit on what you do, where you go and what you eat. (I know, that's easier said than done). 

Take time out over this season for yourself and for quality time with family and close friends. Know that you have limits to what you truthfully have time for. 

I wish for you all a happy and healthy Christmas season. May all your wishes come true. May the reason for the season be front and center in your mind. And may you be blessed beyond what you can imagine. 

Til next time - 
take time out for YOU. 
Put the needles down, 
put your feet up, 
enjoy the sights 
and sounds of Christmas. 


and for shopping from home... for a different gift.....

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. 

So thankful this year for all the friends I've made through the quilting work I do, my internet contacts and well as all the new people I have met personally. Also thankful for all the work I have been able to do for my customers in finishing their quilts, making quilts for them and being able to share my love of quilting with so many. 
You all have been a blessing. 

I'm also thankful for a good year for my family, the health of all of us and the joy of watching my grandson grow and learn so fast. At 15 months old you'd never know he was a preemie at birth although he still is a bit small compared to other 15 month olds. 

As the year comes near an end I still have lots of work to do, ornament orders to fill, quilts to finish up and orders already coming in for 2014!  Yes, it's been a year of blessings! 

Til next time --- take time to count your many blessings large and small. 


Friday, November 22, 2013


A busy time of year and why I've not been here for a while. The above pics explain it all. These are just a sample of what you can find on my Etsy Shop. I started making these as gifts for family. Posted one pic of one, and they have taken off with orders! So.... In addition to the quilts I've been working on, my regular job, and other activities that come along with this time of year..... I'm making these! LOTS of them!  LOVE IT. 
Yes, they are a lot of work. Yes, they are time consuming. But, I'll be making them all year 'round now. 

I hope that you all are doing well and finding things daily to be thankful for. I am thankful for all of you being here and following me, or at least stopping in from time to time to see what's going on in my world of quilting. 

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that is going to be followed by Black Friday sales and then the made rush to get ready for Christmas. Gifts to buy and wrap, cards to address and send. Meals to plan. Parties to attend. Memories to smile about. And loved ones who have gone on to miss and think about. 

Take time over this season to breath, enjoy, and have fun. Let the stress fly out the door. Make laughter your best medicine. 

Til next time..... 
keep those needles stitching, those creative juices flowing and the joy of giving in your heart. 


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sitting here in the living room attempting all means I can to get rid of this major, almost migraine headache I am reminded of a few things. 1- this too shall pass. 2 - I have lots of quilting and longarming to get done. 3 - I also have quiet hand sewing to get done. 

And this brought me to thinking of the phases of quilting. There are many. And there are different ways to interpret 'phases'. 

One could be the phases we all go through in our quilting life. These include one extreme of wanting (or in some cases needing) to be quilting ALL the time and putting everything else in our lives on hold while we hide in our quilting space and quilt. 

The other phase of that is wanting to quilt, knowing there are quilt projects to work on, but you don't have time to quilt. You may be busy doing other things such as during the summer when there are so many other things pulling you away from quilting. You still spend any spare moment you have to at least look through magazines, books, videos on the computer. You are as active as you can be on quilting forums and facebook pages. But even this free time may not be as much as you would like. You do see an end to what is pulling you away and know that quilting will get back into your life. 

Yet another phase is when you have quilt projects waiting, the time to quilt is there as nothing in life is pulling you away from it, but your get up and go has gotten up and is GONE!  You deal with it in silence for a while. Friends or even family may even think that your quilting hobby has gone away as some of your other hobbies have gone and wonder what your next hobby will be. You go to your quilting space and look around. You sit at your machine. You pull out some fabric or a pattern. You may even attempt to cut fabric out and start stitching. The enthusiasm you once had doesn't come back. 

In the case of the third phase - wait it out. Personally I find those times are when I have forgotten to take my B-12 and vitamins on a regular basis. Once I start those up again I have the energy and desire to quilt. Others may find that joining a guild or other quilting group helps. Finding a friend who quilts, or going to quilt shows may help.  Head to a quilt shop for inspiration.   Some people have gone months or even years without quilting and then get back into it full force. So don't despair. 

Other 'phases' of the world of quilting may mean the progress of your quilt or quilts. Many quilters have several quilts going at one time, each at a different 'phase' or step. I have .....many. Some are for customers and even those are in various phases; some are my own. 
I decided this morning while suffering this headache that having more than one quilt going at a time at various phases is a good thing!  At the moment there is no way my head will tolerate the sounds of the longarm machine in operation. Not even sure how it will deal with the domestic machine going. Soooo I am blessed in having a binding to sew onto a large quilt that has to be done for a customer and this will give the the time to get it done.  

For those who wonder if or why we quilters never finish one before we start a new one... this is one reason.  A good reason!  Hey, works for me!   

So whatever phase you are in with your quilting process: whether it be the stages your quilts are in, or the desire to quilt as a whole, I wish you the best. 

If I can be of any help to encourage you along feel free to let me know. I love to help others who share this world of quilting. I never knew it would become so much a major part of my life when it started. 

Til next time....
Keep the needles stitching, 
the creativity flowing 
and the passion blooming!  


Oh, BTW - the picture above is the machine I started quilting with and the table is where it all began. The wall hanging peaking there is my first quilt. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm not sure where this pic originated from but it's made its rounds on the internet and is perfect for showing how quilters think at times. 

Over the last several days I've heard a lot of people ask questions about quilting on the quilting sites, forums, and groups that at first may cause an experienced quilter to roll their eyes and wonder why the question was even asked as the answer is so simple. 

Then as others, or I answer the questions I realize that we all started out not knowing and were either taught in a class, helped by someone who quilted, or found teaching resources on the internet. Those resources plus hours of trial and error (sewing and frogging) got us where we are today. 

As a quilter, think back to when you started quilting, or when you first thought about learning to quilt. Your first reaction was most likely, "I would love to make a quilt, but I don't know how". Or, "I could never learn to quilt".  Mine was, "I can't do that". 
But I'm here today with honestly loosing count of all the quilts I've made or longarmed for customers in just a little over 4 years. 
As we learn more and more about quilting and make more and more quilts we often start taking some things for granted. We tend to think of some aspects of it as common sense, or just as a given and assume everyone knows that. But not everyone does. And if we don't do a step or technique very often we may forget how to do it and have to ask or find the answer ourselves.  

Quilter's tend to form a specialty to what they like to do best. Some like to piece, some to applique, some to do scrappy quilts, some to do masterpiece/award winning quilts, some to make quilts for charity, some for gifts, and some to make custom quilts to sell. 
We all continue to learn and perfect our craft. As we learn we also like to share. It just comes with being a quilter. In the desire to share don't forget to continue to share what you learned in the very beginning. When you hear or see someone ask any question about quilting be willing to take time out to answer. You once were that person.

I plan on taking some of the questions I've heard recently and offering the answers here over the next month or two. So, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and ask your question. I'll be happy to answer what I can, or find the answer for you. 

Til next time..... 
keep those needles stitching, 
the creativity flowing 
and the warmth of a quilt 
wrapped around you. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Countdown....

Sitting here this evening after a busy day in the studio, I realize that I may not be the only one counting all the things I have to get done before Christmas and the end of the year. I usually start my count down and my creations of gifts in August. This year I am running behind. But that is o.k. I'll catch up.

I have been blessed with quilting work to do for customers who have ordered special quilts made for loved ones. I am thrilled and honored to be chosen to make their wishes and dreams come true. 

The countdown....  
Are you at a loss of what to make for each person on your list? Have you suddenly realized that time is slipping by quickly? Never fear. There is still time. Depending on how much time you have to quilt there is time to make a quilt or two. Don't think you have enough time to make a bed quilt? Use an easy pattern that you have done before, or even a new pattern that is easy to do. Not that much time? There are lap quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and mug rugs to be made. 

The countdown is also on for you to make out your wish list. What do you want for Christmas?  Do others know what you want? We all have our 'out of reach' wish list, and then we have our realistic wish list. Go ahead and make your list. 
Put everything on it that you have ever dreamed of. Everything from a longarm machine, a new sewing machine, an embroidery machine, notions, fabric, fabric organizers, quilting classes, and even gift certificates to your favorite LQS!  
As much as we all have a lot in our stash and all the equipment that we have I know there is MORE.

On my wish list this year?  I'd love an embroidery machine, even a small one. I'd also like another domestic sewing machine. I could use a new ruler or two as two of mine have nicks in them. And then there are the usual small items you never seem to have enough of. - seam rippers for one. 

Oh, and I still want a new camera. lol  That's quilt related!  I need to be able to take photos of my quilts and the work I do on customer's quilts right? lol 

So, as time passes by make your lists, check them twice and set to create. Don't set yourself up to get stressed over it. Do what you can and what you enjoy doing, nothing more. 

Til next time,
Keep those needles stitching, 
those creative juices flowing
and enjoy what you do.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Fall is upon us

      The time of year is upon us once again when things change. It may start out as a slow change with the sun shining brightly, the temps still feel like summer, but the nights start to cool down. The AC is turned off and windows let the fresh cool air in. Gardening comes to an ending. Plants are trimmed, pulled up or brought inside. Leaves start to change their color and float to the ground. 

And we change the decorations in and around the house.We bring out the fall colors in wreaths, flower arrangements, wall hangings, table covers and quilts to wrap up in on the chilly nights. 

We also realize that time is running away fast on having enough time to make all those Christmas quilts we want to make.
At times we realize that we don't really have time to make full or larger quilts in time for everyone we want. And we search for other things to make that are still quilted or quilt related. 

The list of ideas of other quilt related items to make could be a long one. There are:

Wall Hangings, Table Runners, Mug Rugs, Coasters, Lap Quilts, Baby Quilts, Doll Quilts, Pot Holders, Aprons, Wallets, Passport Carriers, Tote Bags, Purses.

And of course you do still have time to make a quilt or two, or three. You may not have time to eat or sleep, but the quilts will be done. 

This is also the time of year when we tend to become too busy. Yes, many of us are busy all year 'round. Some are busy in the spring and summer with other things going on in their lives. Fall arrives and we change our focus, but are just as busy if not more so. 
We have holidays to plan for. Those with kids have school events and sporting events. Kids are busy with homework and can always use our help. 

I know I've talked about stress and how to limit stress in our lives but there are times we forget the simple things.  Breathing is one of those things. Yes, stop, take a deep breath. 

I'll have tips for getting through the next few months in upcoming posts. I will start by offering Quilter's Pantry longarming service to you to help you get those quilt tops made into quilts in time for Christmas. My time is also limited and I have a few projects going on, but that is what I do. And I still have openings. So if you have a quilt top you just won't have time to quilt contact me. 

If you need quilt kits made, or a few blocks premade with applique work or some embroidery designs on them..... let me know. I know people who can help you out with those needs too! When we all work together things get done easier.

Til next time.... 
keep those needles stitching, 
those ideas flowing 
and continue creating. 



Saturday, August 31, 2013


As the days and months go by we spend our year wishing for the next season to get here. Winter leaves us wishing for spring, Spring leaves us wishing for summer, Summer arrives and before we know it that too is on the way out and we are faced with fall and then another winter. We spend our lives wishing it away. 

As we spend this weekend celebrating the end of summer (even though our temps are high enough to be the middle of summer) we also realize we are approaching that time to start getting ready for Christmas. (see, we've totally missed thinking fall!)

Many people complain about the stores putting up Christmas decorations early (although they are NOT out yet). But, as quilters and other crafters or those of us who make all or most or even some of the gifts we give, it is time for us to get started on them. A few have already started! Including me. 

Before we look forward to planning the gifts we will make for others, let's look back over the summer. 

Many took the time off from quilting due to summer activities. Sports events, summer vacations, gardening, family time, and 'it's too hot to quilt' overtake our desire and love of quilting. We set priorities for other things we love to do and can only due during the summer. We know the quilting will be there when we get to it. ......

We also go through withdrawal. We still see quilt patterns in the strangest things, we love to stop at the quilt/fabric shops as we travel, we still look at quilts, attend quilt shows and dream! For a quilter we live and breath quilts. Getting a quitler talking about quilts is like asking a grandparent to talk about their grandchildren. And if a quilter also has grandchildren, look out. They can talk and show pictures for hours! Just ask me..... I've become one of 'them' :)

So, what have you done with your summer season? Have you worked in the garden enjoying the fruits, vegetables, and flowers you planted? 
Have you been able to go on a vacation and get some much overdue rest and relaxation? Have you been able to spend more time with your family and friends, getting out and doing more? Have you had time to quilt? 

My family has done a little bit of all of that this year except the garden. We didn't even plant tomatoes like before. we did however have a few plants that just grew from the seeds in the garden from last year. We spent time with family, we took a few days off (this weekend) to rest, relax and be with more family and friends. I also quilted all summer long. It's been a good summer. 

Life is good and we have been blessed. 

May you all have a great end of summer. Stay safe, stay cool and take time with family and friends. You'll have plenty of time to sit and quilt - next week! 

We will be working on more fabrics for sale, refreshing the quilts we have for sale, and starting our classes up again for those who want to learn how to quilt. 

Til next time - keep those needles stitching. 



Monday, August 5, 2013


I remember wondering when summer would come, and now it is nearly over. What did you accomplish this summer?

Here at Quilter's Pantry we quilted. Both for myself and for my customers. We also took a business trip and have a class reunion for my DH coming up soon. And a very special birthday party coming up in just a few days for our grandson - 1 year old already! 

I also learned - 

We can learn a lot from quilts and quilting. We learn new techniques, new tools, new fabrics.  We learn what they mean or could mean to others. 

We learn that quilts do not have to be perfect, especially when you are just a beginner. The seams don't have to match perfectly. The seams in the back don't have to be pressed all the same direction. 

A quilt is made up of many fragments of a wide variety of colors and fabrics. We pull pieces from this and that and stitch them into something wonderful. We can quilt alone, or we can quilt with other people. We can join groups that are close to where we live, as well as groups made up of people from around the world. 

Quilts are a lesson about life.

Our lives don't have to be perfect. Our connections don't always have to match. Our backgrounds don't have to all line up in one directions. In fact, that would make life less interesting. 

Our lives are a mixture of fragments we experience along the way. We blend many different life events to form what we become. We are also always changing, growing and trying new things. 

We make our lives full with those we surround ourselves with. We may be alone, or belong with small groups close to where we live or be connected to many around the world.

We wrap our lives in the warmth of love. A love of our family. A love of our friends. A love of things past that bring fond memories. A love and warmth of even the unknowing future of what each day holds for us. 

Today look upon the quilts in your life. Look upon the people in your life. Look upon the joy, the warmth and the never ending, always changing way a quilt and quilting and our life brings happiness to so many. 

And until next time.... wrap your arms around them all. 


Sunday, July 7, 2013


In all our lives as creative people we sometimes have an idea and even a plan, maybe even a pattern for what we want to create. We go out and buy (or pull from our supplies) the items we need to make the project. We even get started. 

In the life of this quilter (me) this is how it happened......

I found fabric I had been watching for over a year. It always called my name when I saw it. I knew I wanted it. But, money was tight and the price just didn't work for me. So I waited. I left it on the shelf at the after day, week after week, month after month. Maybe even a year. THEN.... it went on SALE!  Oh, how we love that word! 
SO..... I bought some. I have been wanting to make myself a new purse for over a year and decided that this fabric would be perfect. Since it was on sale I bought more than I really needed to make a purse, but figured I'm also make a new phone carrying case, and other accessories. 


When I finally got the spare time to work in the studio for 'me' I got out the fabrics I had bought. I cut out the pattern (it is Simply Pineapple) that was going to be my center of my purse. I was going to make my own 'pre-quilted' fabric to then use to make my purse. 


One look at that center block and it was no longer a purse.  It is now the beginning of a lap quilt!  I decided that it was too pretty for just a purse. Pictured above is the first large block of the quilt. The actual center of which was going to be the block for the purse. 

ODD ....

I had enough fabric to make a lap quilt!  


A quilter can Always use more.... 


I went back to the store and bought a bit more.  For that, "Just in case" factor we all have. 

I now have the pieces all cut out, the center blocks made and the surrounding blocks made for 5 more large blocks.  Over the next week or so I will, in my spare time, put it all together and the longarm it. 


I have more fabric so even my 'lap quilt' may become a larger quilt before I'm done.

I will post pics later of  the progress of my 'purse'. And will also post it when it is finished.  


I still need a new purse made. 

Til next time, 
Keep those needles stitching and your creative juices flowing. You never know what will come together for you. 




Saturday, June 8, 2013


So often in life we are intimidated when we see things and wish we could make them. We attend craft shows and wish we could make that craft. Or, as crafters, we say, "I can make that".  Of, course we seldom go make one, then wish we had at least bought the one we saw. 

As quilters we see quilts on line or in person and wish we could do that, or know in our heart and soul we could never make that particular quilt. 

Don't let the workmanship that goes into some quilts intimidate you to the point of not trying or in quiting. Sure you may not ever reach the point of making that one you saw. But, you can become good and even great at what you do make. 

Understand that there are many different types of quilters. There are those that spend all year, or two or more, perfecting that one quilt to enter it into a show. It may be the only quilt they work on during that time. With love and caring and at least one or two seam rippers they have succeeded. And they do win prizes and recognition for all their work. 

Other quilters make several quilts in a short amount of time. They give them as gifts, donate them to charities and to those in need. Some sell them or make them as commissioned quilts made to order. 

If you are new to quilting and feel you could never be as talented as some quilters who make the show quilts or the heirloom quilts, don't let that stop you. All things take practice. Experienced quilters still own at least one, and most likely many more, seam rippers. They have a lot of fabric, but started out as you are with just enough to make your first quilt or even just to play around with. They have spent hours, years, perfecting their crafts. 

How far you go in your quilting is up to you. It takes time and practice. It takes trying new things until you find what type of quilting you enjoy the most. And then it takes more practice. The more you practice the better you will become. The more you learn the better you will become. 
As for me.... I may not become an heirloom, prize winning quilter. But, I have come a long way in the time I have been a quilter. I continue to learn as I quilt. I don't have or take the time to go elaborate. I prefer my quilts to be used for everyday use. I have entered a couple of them into a local show and won 3rd and 2nd place in the one category. I also know it would not have won a thing if I had entered it into a major show. And I'm o.k. with that. I'm o.k. with keeping my quilts fairly simple. I'm o.k. with not quilting every hour that I am awake (although it seems I spend a lot of time thinking about quilts and my quilting business). I'm o.k. when some of my attempts even have ended up in the waste basket. (Yes, I've been known to just toss a block or two). 

So, don't be intimidated by comparing the quilts you make and the quilts you see others make. I know it's easy to see them and toss your hands in the air and say, "I quit".  However, I think once fabric is in your blood it will always be in your blood, no matter what you make with it. And once quilting is in your blood - some form of quilting will always be in your blood. Even if it just comes to the point of admiring other peoples work and wrapping yourself in a warm quilt made with love - by you or someone else.

Until next time - keep your eyes on your goals and be willing to change your goals if you are lead to move forward or to take a step back. 
Life is too short not to enjoy it as you move through it. 



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quilter's Pantry is Having a Special

Quilter's Pantry is offering a special on longarming services for the month of June. Check out the web site for all the details!

Summer is a great time to send your quilt tops off to be longarmed. It is a time when you have other things to do, and when fall arrives you suddenly have more quilts you need/want to make for Christmas, but you feel burdened with a UFO or WIP that you should finish first. 

Why not take advantage of this special offer to get the UFO and WIP completed so that when fall comes you are ready to start on those new projects!  

Happy Quilting! 



Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to one and all. 

As we continue to celebrate the day let us remember the reason for the holiday.We often use it as the beginning of summer. A time to jump in the pool, have a picnic or grill out with our friends. We often enjoy having 3 days off work to just have fun and enjoy. Yet we forget the true meaning of the day.

As we go about our day today may we take time to thank the veterans  for their service. May we appreciate the sacrifices the men and women have taken and continue to take to protect our country and give us the freedoms we have today. 

 Thank you veterans. 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Wraps it's Arms Around Us

View out my studio window
As spring wraps it's arms around us and we have other things to take care of and do, many find less and less time to work on quilts. On the other hand other people have time off work and that IS the time to quilt. 

Then we face the trouble of what quilt to make, and for whom. Do we make one for ourselves, for a family member, for sale, or to donate? If we have time we make them all. But that takes a while. 

Easy patterns and smaller quilts take less time to make and often are the ones we make and donate. 
Larger and more complicated ones we make for special people in our lives, or even for ourselves. 

As quilters we always have our to do list, our UFO collections and the WIP quilts and projects. And just when we think we are caught up.....we.... well, we find another pattern we like; we find more fabric we like; we have someone ask us to make them a quilt; we have another reason to make one to donate; or we simply are so hooked that we 'need' to quilt any and all the time. 

As we welcome spring with the warmer temps and extra chores and activities, we are also faced head on with the storms that it has already brought to our country. And as busy as we are, we find time to help out where and when we can. Our sewing machines sew up quilts to donate, we send up prayers, and we find time we didn't know we had to help others that are in need. 

There is something special about a quilt. A warm quilt to wrap up in when life gets hard to deal with. A quilt that is full of memories helps out when a loved one is lost. A personal size quilt for a child helps to encourage them by realizing even strangers care about them. Quilts have and continue to touch lives in many ways. As quilters we are honored to be able to share our talents by creating these works of art that we share with so many.

Let us do what we can to help out others as well as spoiling our families and friends. May we all find time during this season to keep quilting. 

Til next time -- keep those needles stitching. 


Saturday, May 11, 2013


Happy Mother's Day 

In memory of my mother who taught me to sew at an early age. Although she only made one quilt in her life, I somehow got the bug for quilting once I learned how.I still have the quilt she made. 
I can still smell the aroma of the fabric store I would go to with her when I was little. So full of all kinds of fabrics. 
I can still picture the clothes she made for us and others. Still have the Barbie doll clothes she made! 
She was an amazing woman.
So many fond memories of Mom. She was a great influence to me and to my children.
I miss her every day. 

May you all have a wonderful day with your Moms and your children. I will be blessed to spend it with my daughter as she celebrates her first Mother's Day.

Til next time.....


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Springtime at Your Table

Table Topper and Placemat set
With Spring finally here, flowers in bloom and leaves on the trees it's time to add a bit of that to the inside of the home as well. This set is the perfect combination. 

As you can see quilting doesn't always have to produce bed size or even baby quilts. There are many things to make under the quilt category and this set is just a sample of one. 

Table toppers are fun and easy to make. For someone who wants to quilt, but prefers to have something completed quickly this is a good way to go. Quilts can sometimes take ...... years. Yes, Years.  It depends on the time you have available to quilt and how enthused you are about a particular quilt. I have one that is taking me over a year as I keep putting it aside to work on other projects and customer quilts.

Smaller items to quilt include small baby quilts, doll quilts, mini quilts, wall hangings, table runners, mug rugs, placemats, and even tote bags, purses. 

Small quilts are fun to have as art work on your walls and table covers in your kitchen/dinning room or coffee table and end tables. They come in all sizes shapes and colors. 

Need one made just for you???? Let me know. Want to learn to make your own?????? Contact me - if you live close I can teach you hands on.

In the mean time......I made these to have for sale and you can find them on my Etsy shop and my web shop.  

Til next time, 
Keep those needles stitching and your imagination expanding. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Taking time out of my busy week to say 
'Thank You' 
to you, all my blog readers. 

You make my day when I stop by and see how many have stopped in to read what I have written.  

It's an honor to write my short messages, share the tips I use or have heard about and to share my quilting life with each of you. Your comments on other forums or social medias about what I share inspires me to do the best I can for you. 

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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Picnic Quilt
I took a break from writing tips this week. I actually took a break from quilting for most of the week. I did finish the binding on this picnic quilt and on a table runner. Pic is before I finished it.  
I made this one to use this summer when we take our grandson outside to play. At 8 months old he was already reaching for the bugs in this fabric so decided it would be perfect to just toss on the floor or the ground for him to sit on. 

Many fabrics talk to us and the fabric I used in this one spoke, "Picnic" to me.  

Isn't it amazing when we hear the fabric talk to us? I often offer to help my customers find fabrics only to be met with: "I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'll know it when I see it."  

I also love it when my quilts and customer's quilts talk to me and tell me what design they want quilted on them. Some speak instantly, some tell me even before they are done being pieced. A few fabrics have actually told me what design they wanted quilted on them before they were even cut! And sometimes the quilt pattern talks to me.

For all you non quilters who read this.... no we are not silly, or delusional. We are quilters. And yes, our fabrics talk to us.  It's a quiet, private conversation.  If you ever see a person when the fabric talks to them be aware - we talk back to it!  

I hope you all have a great week. Listen to your fabrics and enjoy the conversation. 

Til next time - keep those needles stitching. 
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Saturday, April 13, 2013



O.K.  We’ve gone through how to cut fabric, how to store fabric. Now we will go over just a couple of ways to fold your fabric.

When you get your fabric from the quilt shop or other fabric store, or even a fabric department you really never know how it will be folded.  Each employee folds it up a different way, and even the same person can fold the same length of fabric in different ways.  When we get our fabric home we have to refold it to fit the way we store it.  Some quilters prewash all their fabrics before they even get into the quilt room, others just fold it and store it or ‘hide’ it.

To fold your fabric onto a bolt board or a comic book board is one of the easier ways to store your fabric if you have the room.  If you don’t have the room or the boards you can still put a nice smooth even and equal fold in your fabrics.

One of the easiest ways to fold your fabric that is by the yard vs fat quarters etc, is to use your 6” x 24” ruler. Start by laying out at least one end of your fabric. Place your ruler on top with the ends at the selvedge and the folded edge.  


 Wrap a fold around the ruler and pull it taut. 


Wrap the fabric around the ruler all the way to the end of the fabric.

When you have it all wrapped around the ruler. Gently pull the ruler out the one end.

Fold your fabric over the width of the ruler.   

And then fold over the other end to make a perfect square.

Then attach a label to the fabric. These can be hand written or made into a form that you can print out and attach or tuck into each piece of fabric you have.   You can include any and all the information that you want or think you will need to know about the fabric.  This picture below is one that I use on my own fabric.  It helps me to know so much about the fabric without even unfolding it. 
I normally pin the label onto the fabric, but you can also just insert it in the fold so it is still easy to find.

 When you have smaller pieces of fabric you can fold it the same way by using a more narrow ruler such as the 3" x 18".

Once you just have smaller pieces you may only want to include general information and writing it onto a sticky note works great for this.

This way of folding your fabric makes it easy to store in bins, on shelves, or even in a cabinet drawer. The fabric can be easy to see and with so much information on the label it makes it easy to pull out the fabric and almost instantly know if you have enough of it for the project you want to use it for.

Happy Folding!

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