Sunday, December 22, 2013


Taking time to wish you all a 
Very Merry Christmas! 

May you all be blessed 
while you celebrate 
the day 
on into the New Year.

Til next time - 
Enjoy family and friends and this special time of year. 


Saturday, December 7, 2013


Time is flying by on the way to Christmas! If you are like me, you are no where near finished with all your shopping. If you are a quilter you are busy trying to finish up that last quilting project for a gift (or two). 
We have all year to get these done, but we still end up rushing at the end to get things done. 

If you work retail you are even busier!  Longer hours, more stress from your customers. Office work or other jobs you are still under more time constraints with more to do. Dead lines not only for the month, but for the year! 

Add to all that come the Christmas parties to attend (or plan). The extra gifts to buy for each of those parties. The longer after hours time spent 'having a good time'.

Then there is all the extra food we make and EAT! Yikes, the extra pounds go on, the clothes no longer fit, we feel sluggish from all the extras and lack of sleep. And we feel more stress because of it. 

Now - sit back, take a deep breath. Get a drink of water. Make a list of things you have to get done and take care of. Make a list of the things you WANT to get done and take care of. Learn to say "NO". Put a limit on what you do, where you go and what you eat. (I know, that's easier said than done). 

Take time out over this season for yourself and for quality time with family and close friends. Know that you have limits to what you truthfully have time for. 

I wish for you all a happy and healthy Christmas season. May all your wishes come true. May the reason for the season be front and center in your mind. And may you be blessed beyond what you can imagine. 

Til next time - 
take time out for YOU. 
Put the needles down, 
put your feet up, 
enjoy the sights 
and sounds of Christmas. 


and for shopping from home... for a different gift.....