Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Gone?

Hard to believe that summer is so close to being over. Here in TN school began last week and the drive to work is slowed down due to all the buses and school zones. 

Craft/quilting season, which never really ends, is gearing back up as y'all begin to realize how near Christmas is. Yes, I said Christmas. 
I am busy longarming quilts for customers, and working on two that I'm piecing as well. One as a gift, one for us (or a gift). Another one is in the beginning stages of prep work, and two more are in the planning stages. When you (I) design them as well as make them, it takes a bit longer.

In my 'spare' time I'm busy making more quilted art wall hangings. I love each one I make more than the one before it!  So much fun to make. Very time consuming, but fun. 

In my even 'more spare' time my hubby and I have begun doing wooden signs and plan to play around with other items to use our new Silhouette Cameo machine for. We just started this past week on those, so it will take some practice, learning, questions, tutorials and any other method of learning I can find.

Never stop learning. Never stop trying. Never stop exploring new things. 

Here are the quilting art wall hangings. 

 These last several are all for sale.  Contact me for information. 

While you enjoy the end of summer and plan for cooler temps, remember - it's always a good time for a quilt!  Need a longarmer?  Contact me. I'll be glad to discuss the details.  
New to quilting? Have questions? I love to help and if you live close enough contact me for a class or two. 

Till next time. 
Keep the needles stitching, 
the creative juices flowing, 
and the dreams alive. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Happy Independence Day 
to the USA! 
Whether you are going out to the parades, watching the fireworks, going on a picnic, or just staying home relaxing, may you have a great day! 
Stay safe and enjoy God's blessings! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Never quit learning. Never quit exploring. Never quit trying new things. 
And if you aren't the creative type but appreciate the work of others, here is a new art form done at Quilter's Pantry!
This is the beginning of many more to come! 

 Yes, in my 'spare' time I explored a new avenue of creativity and found the details to create these works of art. 
 Using my longarm with the computer designs I normally put into quilts for my customers or my own quilts I nor found a new use for them.  
While so often a quilted design gets lost in a quilt made of a wide variety of fabrics, prints and colors and the longarm design gets lost, here the longarmed and colored design is the center of attention. 

The process does take a while from start to complete work of art ready for sale, but the possibilities are endless!

From here my mind drifts off to personalized pieces as well as fall and Christmas designs..... 

Have something you would like made?  A special gift for someone?  Let me know.  Check out the Quilter's Pantry Etsy shop... there is a link on the right side of the blog for you to easily get there.

I am also still doing the normal quilting. Normally a slower time in the quilting world, this year it is staying busy, yet giving me time to work on my own projects and time to let the creative juices flow.  
Love it! 

So, til next time.. 
Keep those needles stitching, 
Those creative juices flowing
Take time to smell the roses
Enjoy the great outdoors and the joys of spring/summer. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Long Arm Quilting Retreat from Memory Lane Quilting
Come Join Us
Where -Clarion Inn Asheville, Fletcher, North Carolina
When - June 26th & 27th 2015

Meet & Greet Thursday Evening (June 25th)
with free Lecture by Linda Miller on Is Computer Quilting in Your Future

Classes will include:
Free Motion Quilting, with Linda Miller & Karen Kendo
Longarm Ruler Classes, with Karen Kendo & Linda Miller
Side Saddle Computer Classes, with Phyllis Dewey & Jennifer Kay of The Quilting Solution
I.Q. Computer Classes, with Linda Miller
Machine Trouble Shooting, with Mike Holodnak

Come for the weekend or come for the day,
Classes are open to everyone.
Class schedules are on line @
Call Memory Lane Quilting to register your classes, 330-468-2831 (Tell them you heard about it from Quilter's Pantry!)
A registration fee of $40.00 is due at time of registration

Looking to purchase a Longarm?
Come and demo a Nolting Longarm
Call 330-468-2831 to reserve a time

BTW Longarm Supplies, Quilter’s Rule rulers, YLI thread, and pantos, will also be available.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


  • LONGARM QUILTING RETREAT ........................................................ Information listed below copied from      Memory Lane Quilting. 
  • I will be teaching beginner classes for Side Saddle!  

What's New!  
Come Join Us
Where - Clarion Inn Asheville, Fletcher, North Carolina
When - June 26th & 27th
      Classes will include:
 Free Motion Quilting, with Linda Miller & Karen Kendo
Longarm Ruler Classes, with Karen Kendo &Linda Miller
Side Saddle Computer Classes, with Phyllis Dewey & Jennifer Kay of The Quilting Solution
I.Q. Computer Classes, with Linda Miller
Machine Trouble Shooting, with Mike Holodnak
Come for the weekend or come for the day, Classes are open to everyone
Go to for details.
 BTW, Come and Demo a new Nolting machine or shop for your Longarm quilting tools

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We are quilters. We play with fabric. We dream of fabric, We dream of quilts. We design quilts. 

and then....

We PANIC when we have to choose the fabrics for a quilt. 
What colors do we want/need our quilt to be? What pattern are we using? Where is the quilt going to be used? Will it match the room? Will the person using it like the colors? What print do we want the fabric to have? Will it be appropriate? 

ALL these things to think of. No wonder so many panic. And then once we pick out the color theme.... which tone of those colors? What other colors will match and not fight with the other fabrics?

What fabric do we use for the backing? The sashing? the binding?  Decisions! Decisions!  HELP! 

I hear these concerns often when I talk with my customers. (There is also the quilter who has the fabrics picked out, but has no idea which pattern to use --- that subject will be addressed later) 

So, how do you pick out the fabrics (colors/theme/print)? Take a deep breath and jump right in. 

        TIP:  take your pattern with you when you go shopping. If you can't take the pattern, at least take a list of what yardage you will need. (And ALWAYS buy a bit more for that 'just in case' need more factor).

FIRST: Know who the quilt is going to. If it is for yourself and your home - which room will it be used in? What are the colors of that room? What colors do you want? Is it a wall hanging? A lap quilt? A bed quilt? Table runner? 

If it is going to someone you know.... what is their favorite color(s), what are the colors in the room it will be used? What will it be used for? 

If it is going to someone you don't know.... i.e. charity.... what is the age of the recipient? A baby, toddler, older child, teen, adult. Male, or female? 

Once those are answered it gets a little easier. 

SECOND: pick out your 'Focus' fabric.  This fabric is usually a print that has many colors in it. 

 Your 'focus' fabric is also the one that is usually used the most in your quilt.

 THIRD: Choose the other colors out of that 'focus' fabric so they all match and make for a beautiful quilt.

       TIP:If you are unable to pick all your fabrics at the same time at the same location, cut a sample off the fabrics that you have purchased, especially your focus fabric, and carry with you at all times (You never know when you may see a quilt shop and just HAVE to stop and look at the fabric ;) 

I know it sounds easier than it feels when it comes time to pick out your fabrics. Don't be afraid to take your time, ask the associate for help, or take a friend with you to help pick it out. Two or more sets of eyes to see the colors that match or don't match is helpful. Nothing worse than spending a ton of money on fabric you 'think' will match the others you are using in a quilt only to go home, put them side by side, and be disappointed and have to go shopping again. 

       TIP:  An easy way to pick your fabrics as those pictured above, is to look for them all with the same 'family' name. The first ones pictured are all from the "Wise Old Owl" collection. There are also others that matched it but were actually from another collection, but had the same print as part of the 'focus' owl print.

The second set pictured above are all from the "Patchwork Kids' family. That makes it real easy. Pick all the ones with that family name and go with it. However, you will notice that the main 'focus' fabric has many other colors you could choose from as well. You can continue to find more that may be in the same collection, or choose solids that match the colors such as the blues, yellows, etc. 

Whenever possible take your time when looking for fabrics. Make it fun.  Let the fabrics 'talk' to you. Yes, they really do 'talk' to you. The quilt pattern 'talked to you, didn't it? Take a friend, go out to eat afterward.  Enjoy the experience.

I hope this has helped get over the panic feelings of buying fabrics.   There is more to it sometimes, but it can be as simple as what I suggested. 

Til next time..... 

Keep those needles stitching, 
The creativity flowing
And the fabrics busy becoming quilts. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few days away. It is often a bittersweet day. Some don't have a good relationship with their mother. Others have lost their mother. While others have their mother still with them and have a great relationship. 
I lost my Mom to cancer in 1990.  She had also had MS since the early '70's.  I miss her so much and think about her every day.  I have a photo of her hanging in my quilt studio.  It is because of her that I quilt.  
She was a seamstress and taught me to sew. When I was 10 I helped her place the 4" pieces to form an "Around The World" quilt. She made it out of the wool and tweed fabric scraps on one side and the cottons on the other side. There was no batting, but this quilt is heavy and warm. She had tied it instead of quilting stitches.  I still have the quilt. I still remember some of the clothes the fabric came from.
I will confess I didn't always take good care of it and it has some wear and tear on it. I don't use it anymore because of this.

She was an inspiration to many. She never let her MS or cancer stop her from helping others if she could. A positive attitude through and through. I rarely heard a negative word from her. 

When it came to her sewing.... I remember going to the dry goods store with her and the aroma of the fabrics. Rolls upon rolls of fabrics of all kinds. I remember some of the clothes she made and I was amazed at some of them.

I stopped sewing in my early 20's, except for an occasional outfit or mending. 

I then got into quilting and I've not stopped since. 

She was gone by the time I started quilting, but I wish I could share it with her. I wish I could call her and share the fabrics I buy, the quilts or other items I make and especially the longarm work I do. She never would have imagined what I would grow up to be!  

Miss you Mom.  

If you can..... give your Mom an extra hug  or a phone call this Mother's Day. If you can't.... send up an extra prayer. 

And if you are a Mother.....  Bless you!  


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Great Quilt Show

The local quilt show put on by the Appalachian Heritage Quilter's guild was a big success. Both for the guild and for Quilter's Pantry. I am already looking forward to next year! 

After a show like that it takes me a while to settle down and get back to normal day to day life and quilting. Putting everything back where it belongs in the studio so it's set up as a store as well as a working studio.... sometimes I think I need more space. Most times I like it just the way it is. Cozy.

I have been busy these last few days quilting 4 quilts for a customer and piecing a wall hanging to have for sale. I've also started working on the pattern for another queen quilt I will be making for a gift. I have the fabrics, just need to perfect the pattern.

Also on my plate is preparing to teach another Side Saddle class for beginners. That will be coming up June 26 and 27, 2015 in Asheville, NC.
Another class will be coming up in October! 

And so... I continue quilting. Continue learning. And continue looking at quilts I'll never be making.  Could I make them? Maybe.  If I had the time to sit down and learn them. But, I have decided that certain quilts and quilting techniques are to be left for others to make. I still prefer the easier quilts. And over time, with practice I can tell that the 'easier' quilts could and at times do become more and more detailed.

With so much on my plate, it's time to leave you all with a few thoughts.... 

Til next time... 
Keep those needles stitching, 
Those ideas developing 
And those quilts... coming to Quilter's Pantry to longarm. :) 



Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Busy time for Quilter's Pantry.  

I'm making more items to have for sale on line and at the quilt show. I was also scheduling studio appointments for customers. One to discuss details of longarm work on her quilt. Another for checking out the Nolting Longarm machine as she is looking to purchase one!  

Yes, if you are thinking of getting a longarm machine and want to discuss a Nolting... give me (and my husband) a call.  We can arrange for you to stop in and see how mine works and even try it out. 

If you are interested in adding the Side Saddle   computer system to your longarm... you can make an appointment to check that out as well.  AND once you have purchased a Side Saddle.... call me to take one or tow of my classes to learn how to use it.

in the mean time......
Just a couple of weeks left before the 2015 quilt show. Are you setting your GPS to come join us? 
Gather your friends and make a day of it!

Pictured is just a sample of what I had for sale last year.
(Those items pictured may have been sold....but there'll be more!)

I will have more fabric baskets this year, some microwaveable fabric bowls, fabric, and of course my quilts. 

And.... more ornaments!   

So.... til next time .... 
Keep those needles stitching, 
those sewing machines humming, 
your creative juices flowing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


It 's that time of year again. 

Spring has arrived.

 The sun was out shinning brightly. The temperature outside allowed the doors and windows to be open and the fresh air to flow through the house. 

The studio got a make over of sorts today with a bit of rearranging. Amazing how just switching a desk, a pattern cabinet, a file cabinet and a book shelf around (while keeping them against the same wall) added so much more space to the room.  Added the first quilt (wall hanging) I ever made to the wall decor as well. Still have more organizing to do to make the room more pleasing to my eye and the eyes of my customers. I don't work well with a lot of clutter. 

It's also that time of year to prepare for our guild's quilt show coming up April 10 -11, 2015. I'm looking forward to the show this year. Meeting new people, seeing new quilts, enjoying the fellowship of other quilters. Introducing those who don't quilt to our wonderful world of quilting. 

If you are in the area, or want a road trip..... set your calendars for April 10 - 11, 2015!  Stop by the Quilter's Pantry booth and say hello. 

Looking for a longarm?  Stop in at the show and try out a Nolting Longarm!  They will be set up at the show right next to me! 

Til next time...

Keep those needles stitching, 

Those threads snipped
Your creative minds creating! 



Friday, February 27, 2015


Winter hit with a bang around here in February.
I had so much I wanted to get done, a class to prepare for..... and bang- first I got sick with a cold. I lost a couple days of work. 

Then our grandson got sick with the croup with bad cough, wheezing and the works. 

All the while I was busy preparing for teaching the computer system "Side Saddle" that I use with my Nolting longarm set up. 

And then.... the snows hit! First here at home....and I missed more work. 

Then for our trip to Richfield, OH where I was to teach, the roads were not the best.

Then while we were in Ohio teaching - more snow.

Then the snow and ice were on the roads for our trip home!  We did arrived safely and it felt so good to be home.

Teaching was a success and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and helping them learn how to use their Side Saddle systems to make beautiful quilts. 

THEN -- MORE SNOW! And I missed more work.  

So...  now the snow has stopped. I managed to longarm 3 quilts are am now working on the bindings. 
The joys of quilting.... see the end in sight. 

 ......just in time to start a new quilt of course!  

So now, with the temperatures warming up next week and rain instead of snow, I look forward to Spring.  

I already have a few things on my calendar that y'all may be interested in:  

 1) April 10 -11, 2015 the Appalachian Heritage Quilters Guild of which I am a member, is holding their annual Quilt Show. 
Friday's hours are 10 - 7 and Saturday's hours are 8 - 5. 
It is being held again at Crossroads Christian Church in Gray, TN. 

2) June 19 - 20 there will be a LONGARM RETREAT held here in the Tri Cities area of TN.  Put on by Memory Lane Quilting with Nolting longarm machines. 
I will be teaching the Side Saddle classes.  I will be posting more details as we organize the retreat.  For now, just circle your calendars if you hope to attend. 

For now.... time to hand sew the binding on a quilt and a hanging sleeve on another quilt...

Til next time.....

Keep those needles stitching, 
the creativity flowing, 
and the joy of quilting in your heart. 


Sunday, January 4, 2015

You Get What You Pay For.... Choosing a Quilter/Seamstress/Crafter

Choosing a Quilter for a Custom made Quilt

So many people are looking for pricing on a variety of services and products related to quilting and sewing. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some observations and things I've learned over the years.

That familiar phrase: “You get what you pay for”, is true here as it is in the general populous of purchasing any other merchandise.

Sure we all want to get the best for the least amount of money. And many of us jump at the cheapest price we find.... then we often regret it. The quality isn't there, the endurance doesn't last, the up front guarantee falls short. We find ourselves saying, “I knew it was too good to be true;, or 'I knew I should have bought the other one”.

When it comes to quilting services, sewing services, and products made with fabrics either sewn, or embroidered, even crocheted or knit, do some research. Find out what people/companies are charging. Understand what is included in those fees.

As a quilter I can best explain the pricing in that medium.

As a customer you want a quilt made. Maybe a pieced quilt, maybe a T-shirt or memory quilt, maybe an appliqued quilt. You reach out and ask a general question, “How much for a __________ quilt?

And that's when the fun begins! Depending on size wanted, style wanted, prices can range from $100.00 to $10,000.
What makes the difference?
      1. Fabrics used – amount and pricing (quality)
      2. Size wanted
      3. Type of quilt wanted
      4. Pattern used
      5. Machine or hand stitched
      6. Top stitching (quilting)
      7. Turn around time
      8. and if you as the customer provided the batting and or backing or buy it from the person making the quilt.
      9. Contract vs word of mouth

  1. Quality of fabrics used.
    1a) Cheaper is not always better, nor is it the worst
  2. Size wanted
    2a) Size is a major factor as it determines the amount of fabric, pattern used, and amount of stitching used as well as binding
  3. Type of quilt wanted.
    3a)Believe it or not a T-shirt quilt may cost more than a pieced quilt due to all the work involved.
  4. Pattern chosen
    4a) Simple blocks, or intricate cuts vs applique will make a difference in pricing.
  5. Machine or hand stitched
    5a) Machine stitched is a faster process and your quilt should be completed sooner. Some people hand stitching is the only way to make a quilt and for it to be a 'real' quilt.
  6. Top stitching or the quilting
    6a) Choices range from free motion quilting on a domestic machine, hand stitching, longarming free motion, long arming using a computer design.
  7. Turn around time
    7a) When do you need it done? What is the time frame availability of the quilter you choose.
  8. You or quilter supplying fabrics
    8a) The customer, as times, supplies the backing and the batting, but you can purchase it from the quilter as well. Ask if that is an option.
  9. Contract vs word of mouth
    9a)When you made all the decisions with the quilter do you sign a contract or leave it all up to word of mouth agreements? If something doesn't go the way you were thinking it should what do you have to fall back on that shows it should have been done a certain way, or within an agreed amount of time?

Now you have a lot to think about when you want a quilt made.
And that is just about the quilt.

What about the quilter?

Word of mouth goes a long way when it comes to choosing a quilter.
Who have others used and why?
Does the quilter have photos or actual quilts so you can see their work?
So they do their own quilting (longarming, hand stitching) or send it out?
Do they offer an acceptable turn around for you? The quilter you want may have a backlog on their orders and you may have to consider a different quilter, or be willing to be put on their list and wait.

These same ideas work for if you want curtains made, a custom dress or outfit, or anything else you want homemade, made by hand, custom made or locally made.
Consider all the work and time that goes into each item. Consider the quality. Consider everything.
And to those who are doing the bidding for work - when you are discussing pricing on a public forum such as Facebook pages/groups, or other internet forums, be considerate of all those bidding. It may be best to not post a cheaper pricing and undermine other businesses who have a higher price. Send private messages to your potential customers no matter what your pricing is. There is a lot that goes into your finally agreed upon price quote, and what you charge one person may be different than what you quote another due to one or more details in the order. If someone sees a cheaper price for what they think is what they want, but you quote them a higher price than you publicly quoted someone else, you may loose that customer because they don't understand the difference in the specifics.

May you all succeed in your business transactions as buyers and as sellers. May you all have a better understanding of all the work involved and be appreciative of each other.

Phyllis Dewey
Quilter's Pantry