Saturday, October 29, 2011

Attaching Binding Tutorial

MAKING THE BINDING --- Doing the Math

1)   Measure the length and width all around your quilt and ADD 10”.
2)   Take that number and divide by the width of the fabric you are using for the binding. (Generally this is about 42”). Round this number up
3)   This will give you the number of cuts you need to make in your fabric.
4)   Take this number and multiply by 2½” or whatever width you are cutting your strips.
5)   This is how much fabric you need to make your binding.
6)   Cut your strips.

If you would like the math for the above it looks like this:
L(2) + w(2) + 10 = TL (Total length of strip needed)
TL ÷ 42 (roughly the width of usable fabric) = NoC (number of cuts you will need.)
NC x 2.5 =LOF (length of fabric you will need to make your binding. )

OR Just the math equation:
a)    L(2) + w (2) +10 = TL       b)   TL ÷ 42 = NoC            c)    NoC x 2.5 = LOF
OR:     {[L(2) +W(2) +10] ÷42} X 2.5 = LoF

Once you have your strips cut you need to attach them. 
Your cut strips
Lay them together at a right angle, right sides together
Lay two strips together at a right angle, right sides together.
Make a mark as in the photo
Using a ruler make a mark from one corner to the other as indicated in the photo. Pin the fabric to keep it in place while you move it to the sewing machine.
Stitch along your mark
 Stitch the two pieces together at that line. Continue attaching all the strips in this manner until you have one long strip pieced together that will fit all around your quilt with about 10 inches of strip left over.
Trimming the excess fabric
At each of the connections measure 1/4" away from your stitch as indicated in the photo and with your rotary cutter of scissors cut away the excess piece of fabric.
The excess piece cut

This is what your seam should look like (If not better)
Pressing the binding
Take your long strip, fold in half lengthwise and press to form a crease. 
Attaching binding to quilt
Lay the opened edge of your binding along the edge of your quilt. Pin it at about 12 inches from the end of your binding strip. You want a 'tail' left at the beginning as well as at the end.  
Begin stitching at the 12" mark using a 1/4" seam allowance in from the edge.

NOTE: If you want a wider piece to show on the front of your quilt or on the back of your quilt you will need to cut your binding fabric wider than the 2 1/2" I am using here.

Stitching to within 1/4" of the edge at the corner

Sew the binding to within 1/4" of the first edge of your quilt. Take a couple of back stitches to knot your stitch and keep it from coming out.  Lift your needle and the lever so you can turn your quilt. 
The quilt turned to start stitching the next side
Preparing for the mitered corner
Lift and form a right angle
Hold a pin at the top and pull down onto the fold of the right angle
As the photos indicate just above - lift up strip and form a right angle. Pin at the fold and bring strip down over the right angle. It should look like the photo below.
What it will look like when you pull it down and are ready to stitch
Begin to stitch again as you did on the other side. 1/4" from the edge.

This is what your corners should look like
 Continue to stitch your binding on all the way around your quilt stopping about 10 inches from the place where the beginning of your strip is.

The space between the end and the beginning of your binding strip
To make it easier to connect the two ends of binding this tool is the best!
(If you do not have this tool you can still connect the ends by folding them inside one another and cutting off the excess. Make sure you have folded the ends so you have a finished end showing.)

Follow the directions on the tool itself.

One end cut

Other end cut.
Right sides together matching the squared off tips
If doing this without the tool lay the long ends together so you can find the point where they will meet snugly when sewn together to form the finished binding.
Press or 'finger' press the seam open.

The finished binding
Finish stitching the binding. Your seam should look like the one above.

Pinning to the back
Now to attach the binding to the back for hand stitching!  The photo just about shows how to form a mitered corner on the back.
Pin the left side as indicated.
Hold pin at crease
Hold a pin at the crease as you pull it for a snug fit.

Pull down other side and pin in place. 

Pull down the other side to form the mitered corner. Pin in place. Continue to pin around the quilt or pin as you go. Some don't pin at all and just hand stitch and form the mitered corners as they go.

NOTES: You may need to do some wiggling of the fabric to make it work for you and your mitered corners may not always turn out perfect, but never give up!

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions let me know.

Happy Quilting!


The Changing Seasons

Roan Mtn area of TN

As fall is bringing the cooler temperatures, the leaves are descending to the ground more each day and many of you are watching the snow fall outside, I wanted to post a picture taken a few years ago of an area we visit from time to time called Roan Mountain, TN.  It is a beautiful drive no matter what time of year, although some seem prettier than others. The views are breathtaking.  
I am blessed to live in the mountains and even from our deck have a beautiful view. This is not from our deck, but I do share those from time to time also. 

I am busy in the quilt studio working on a Winter wall hanging, then have a customer's quilt to put together. Then I may need to reorganize my work space before I get working on the next project. I prefer little to no clutter when I quilt, but seem to pull out way more fabric than I need at a time. I have a habit of working on one project and pulling out fabric to see what goes with what as my mind envisions other quilts!  I also tend to work on more than one project at a time!  

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Happy Quilting


Thursday, October 27, 2011


"It's a queen size quilt." Or "it's a baby quilt."  How often we hear this and envision the size of a quilt? How often we may be envisioning something other than what the quilter actually has made?

Below is just an example of basic sizes of quilt related to the name of the quilt.

A baby quilt is around 42" x 52", but can be between 36" to 42".

A crib size quilt measures 45" x 60".  I call these baby/toddler quilts. They work for babies, fit in the crib and will be with the baby as he/she grows into a toddler.
Average Lap quilts are 60" x 72" which is good to wrap up in. Other lap quilts are smaller and just cover your lap.

Twin size quilts are 63" x 88"

Full Size are 78" x 88"

Queen size are  84" x 92"

King size are 100" x 92" some make them 100" x 100" or larger.

These are just general guides to the sizes. To be precise in having your quilt fit the bed you want it to it is best to measure the bed and how you want the quilt to fit.  Questions to ask to determine this would include how you want the quilt to lay.  Do you want it just to cover the top of the bed and have nothing drape over the sides or the top/bottom?  If you do want it to drape over the edges, determine how far down you want it. With the deeper mattresses made today this measurement will vary. 

Then there are the other type quilts that are made such as those used as lap quilts for people to use while in a wheel chair or just to cover the lap while sitting in a chair. These measure approximately 32" or 36" by 48" or 52". 

There are also bed runners made today that are used to decorate the foot of the bed and are great to keep your feet warm without adding weight or warmth to the rest of you. (Some of us have cold feet and like to stay warm).   Bed runners measure about 18" or 24" long and 88" to 90" wide.

I hope this was helpful.

"Blossoms" Lap quilt size (48" x 57")

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas cactus in October

Christmas Cactus

This year, at the time I normally put this plant into a dark spot and don't water it for a month, it decided to go into full bloom.  I have over 15 blossoms on it. Some are already past their prime, but a few more buds have shown up.

This plant used to belong to my hubby's father, Jack.  Jack's nick name was 'Cactus Jack".  I was blessed in being given this plant when it was still smaller and over the years have prayed that I don't kill it. Instead it continues to grow. I've taken pieces off and given to my daughter who has already broken off a piece and started yet another one.  "Cactus Jack" lives on. In our hearts and in the blossoms.  One year I had over 50 blossoms on it!

Enjoy the beauty of Christmas in October!

Happy Quilting

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's the Teal Deal quilt

The Teal Deal

 Good morning. Thought I'd share my latest quilt with everyone.
My latest quilt I named "It's the Teal Deal".  Binding (not shown in the picture) is with the purple fabric from the center of the 9patch blocks.  Measures 85 x 95.  I had no real pattern that I followed, just did my own thing.

Back view of The Teal Deal

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Journal Page Ideas

Below is an idea of what you can include in your journal about each quilt or quilt project you make. 
  •  First page can include this information and whatever else you want to add.

  • Another set of pages can include:
FABRIC INFORMATION (for each fabric used in quilt)

  • Another set of pages can include:
Here you can put details about the process. 
Whether it was easy or hard to put together, if you had issues with following the pattern and changes you may have had to make. 
Things you learned during the process such as new techniques, things you found you like to do or don't like to do. 
Notes of things that were going on in your life at the time of making the quilt.

  • The next set of pages you can add pieces of the actual fabrics that you used.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Quilter's Journal

When I first started to quilt I asked my husband's Aunt many questions about quilting as she has been a quilter for many years.  One of the things she told me to start and maintain was a Journal of myself and my quilts. Her reasoning made sense. In years to come others will see or own the quilts you have made and will want to know about the person who made them.
I found it to be a wonderful idea and want to share some of the things you can put into your quilt journal.

First, as it is not just a written record, this journal should be a three ring binder so you can add pages, photos, clipings and other details as you go along. As time and years go on you will have several three ring binders to hold the history of all the quilting you have done.

Things to include in your journal

  • Section about yourself
  1.  Your name, address, phone number and any other contact information you want to include.
  2. When and why you started quilting
  3. Groups, guilds etc that you belong to(including internet forums)
  4. Shows you have attended or been a part of
  5. Classes you have taken
  6. Your favorite instructor and other instructors you have studied under
  7. Your favorite block, favorite quilt
  8. Favorite colors
  9. Contests you have entered with all the details
  10. Any other information you want to have others know about you 
  • A journal about each of the quilt projects you make
  1. The pattern used
  2. Fabrics used
  3. Colors used
  4. Size of quilt
  5. Reason you made it
  6. If it was hand pieced, appliqued, paper pieced, machine pieced, hand quilted, DS machine quilted or longarmed
  7. List anyone else who may have helped with the quilting process
  8. Photos of the quilt
  9. Pieces of the actual fabric you used
  • You may also want to include a section for charts you use to determine the amount of fabric you will need, a list of acronyms of the quilter's world and many other things. 
If you have been a quilter for many years including some of the information about the quilts you have made may not be possible. But you can start with sharing about yourself and with the quilts you are working on. 
If you are a brand new quilter and don't think anyone will ever be interested in learning about you, think again.  You just never know. Start a journal now, watch it grow and be amazed at all you accomplish over time.

Happy Journaling! Here is the cover of mine!

Cover of Journal

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just a quick Hello

Just wanted to stop in before my day starts to say hello and wish you all a great day. Whether you are quilting, creating, or working I hope you have a blessed day.  Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you from the fall colors, the colors of nature, and the colors of the fabrics that make up our lives.   May your day be wrapped in warmth and love.

Catch ya later ----
Ms Phyllis

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love of the Red White and Blue

This is the latest finished quilt from Quilter's Pantry. Measuring just shy of 90" x 90" if fits a queen bed or also will fit on top of a king.
It was fun to made. Didn't use any pattern, which tends to be my habit.  I may see a pattern, get an idea, then make changes to it. Or do a lot of designing of my own.
Next quilt is in the longarm and when finished will be posted.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The weekend is here at Quilter's Pantry

View from the deck 10/14/11
View 2 from out deck 10/14/11


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quilted Pins

Tiny Quilts and a name tag

These are two quilts I made and use as pins. They measure just 3" square!  The name tag is a pin I wear alone or in the center of the quilt pins. "QuiltingGrannie" is the screen name I use on three internet quilt boards I am on.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilts come in all sizes

May Basket wall hanging block

Quilts come in all sizes.  This one was a block I made for practice. The quilted stitching was done on my regular sewing machine before I had the Longarm. I figured if I could do that with my sewing machine I could do it with a longarm.  I made two of these and they are hanging in two places in my house.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The beauty that surrounds Quilter's Pantry area

Roan Mtn. TN 2008

This pic was taken a few years ago, but shows the beauty of the area we live in.  If you are in the area please give us a call and stop in! 
Today is a quilting day in the studio. One is in the Longarm, another quilt being pieced together. 
There are two festivals going on in the area - National Story Telling and the Apple Festival.
Hope you are have a  great day no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Happy Quilting and God Bless.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mini Storage by Quilter's Pantry

Mini Storage " ♥ Quilting"

These are a few of the mini storage displays I have made. Overall height is only 6 inches!
Complete with mini quilt and coffee mug!

Mini Storage 1

Mini Storage 3 (complese with nickel to show size)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quilter's Pantry - other projects/crafts

Photo box pin cushion

This is designed to be a photo box with four sides that hold photos. I transformed it (and others) into a pin cushion!  The lid comes off which makes it handy to also hold broken pins and needles or your supply of needles or your secret stash of chocolate! 

Today I remember my Mom.  It would have been her 87th birthday.  She's been gone since 1990 and I miss her all the time. She never knew I got into quilting, never how thankful I am for her teaching me to sew. She was a seamstress and made all my clothes when I was growing up.  After many years all I wanted was store bought clothes and at one point I remember telling her not to make me anything else.... until I asked her to make my wedding gown!  

Love and miss you Mom! 

Hope you all have a great day!  Remember to cherish the special moments throughout your day.  The moment that just passed---- can never be lived again. The next one --- isn't here yet.  Live in the present - It's God's gift to you.

Happy Quilting !! ♥


Monday, October 3, 2011

Quilter's Pantry view from our deck

Good evening from the deck of Quilter's Pantry.  
It was a busy weekend and a sad weekend. A high school classmate of mine who was a few year younger than me lost her battle with cancer on Sunday.  We had been close in school and had reconnected after many years on facebook a few years ago.  She fought her battle for nearly two years.  She had been a blessing and such an inspiration through all her struggles. Always positive and smiling.  She loved life, God and her family and friends.   I will miss her, but know she no longer is in pain. And someday I'll see her again.  Rest in peace Biz. 

I did spend part of the weekend creating yet another quilt!  Pics will follow as soon as the top is complete.

October arrived with cooler temps and my Christmas cactus must have thouthg it was December. It has nearly 16 buds on it!  Can't wait for the blooms.  

I hope everyone is having a great and blessed week so far.  

Happy Quilting