Long Arm Quilting

Longarm Quilting – What Is It?

{ quoted from the Wikipedia Longarm Quilting article }
“Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt top. The longarm sewing machine typically ranges from ten to fourteen feet in length. One typically consists of an industrial sewing machine head, a ten-to-fourteen foot table, and several rollers on which the fabric layers are placed. Quilting using a longarm machine can take significantly less time than hand quilting or more traditional machine quilting. This time saving is a large factor in the gain in popularity of longarm quilting.”


We quilt your quilt tops. We put the finishing touch on the amazing quilt tops you have created.  Our machine can handle the small baby quilts as well as the large queen and even king size quilts. We have a computer system attached which allows you to choose from many different patterns to fit the theme and style of your quilt. We also do free motion quilting, often combining the pattern work with free motion work. If you have a specific design in mind, chances are we have it or something very similar or can find it for you.
We are firm believers that great customer service is what it is all about and we will pass on that great service to you.


We do our work with the  Nolting 20" Fun Quilter on a 12’ frame with the computer system, Side Saddle™. The Nolting long arm machines are proudly made right here in the United States. We currently have over 100 patterns in the system and more patterns are often.

Ready for us to work on your quilt?

 Here are some tips for preparing your quilt for us.

How to prepare your quilt top for the longarm machine quilting  

IMPORTANT! Please take the time to read these guidelines.
Your quilt is worth the extra time and effort you put into it at this point of the process.
These are the guidelines for Quilter's Pantry to do your longarm work. See our web site for further details. Please note that other longarmers may have other guidelines. 

Quilt Top

  1. Square up your quilt.
  2. Trim all loose threads on your quilt
    1. They will show under light fabric
    2. They can cause snags and uneven stitching
  3. Please be sure that all your stitches will withstand being pulled
    1. Your quilt will be pulled while quilting
  4. Stay stitch (1/4”) around the edge of your top if it is pieced to the edge without an outer border, or you notice the fabric fraying.
  5. Be sure your borders lay flat
    1. Borders that do not lay flag may cause tucks, pleats, or fullness
  6. Press your quilt top (and backing fabric) well
    1. Seams open or to one side
    2. You will be charged extra if your quilt top (or backing) needs pressing
  7. Do not baste your quilt with pins or any other method
  8. Identify the head or top of your quilt top or top of the backing if applicable with a piece of paper marked with pencil and taped or pinned to fabric
  9. Quilt top must be free of embellishments such as buttons, charms, pins, sequins, couching etc.


  • Allow an extra 4 inches beyond all sides of the quilt top.
    • (If your quilt top is 100″x100″, your backing and batting needs to be 108″x108″)
    • 100% cotton is recommended.
    • Bed sheets are not recommended, as the dense nature can prevent needle penetration, causing skipped stitches and broken needles.
  • Trim selvage edges before seaming and press open. 
For more information on longarming at Quilter's Pantry link onto the web site at www.quilterspantry.com
There you will find the services, pricing, patterns and ordering information.   
You can either choose from an available selection of patterns, a custom design, or general meandering, done freehand. 
Contact me for more options regarding patterns.

Looking forward to hearing from you to help make your quilt top a finished beautiful quilt to display, show or use.