Saturday, February 22, 2014


Winter has hung around for a while this year. More snow than we have had in a while. Businesses closed, schools closed and events canceled. Through it all there was quilting to do and time to do it. 
I'm so looking forward to springtime.  Today was a great teaser with warm temps and sunshine!  A surprise trip to Asheville, NC. with my husband to meet with his cousin and her husband. They had not seen each other since they were kids!  We had a great day!
Back to reality, but also realizing that every once in a while, no matter how busy you are, you need to take a break. 
Go for a short trip (or a long one if you have the time). Get away from work, get away from home, and yes, get away from quilting. Take a look around a different area even if it's just a few miles away in a direction you rarely go. 

Look around at God's beauty. Look at nature, look at architecture, look at people. 

Breath in the fresh air. 

Enjoy a good meal. Give in and try something new. 

And laugh. 

Let the cares of the world, your personal worries and stresses melt away. They will be there when you get back from your mini vacation - or be gone - which is even better! 

Yes, Spring is in the air (even though they are calling for snow again this week). A feeling of newness as the flowers start to grow and bloom. New energy as we enjoy the feeling of sunshine and warmth. 

New ideas for quilts or wall hangings, table runners, etc.  The beginning of quilt shows to attend, new techniques to learn and try. New fabrics to find and buy. Old quilt tops to find and send off to have longarmed! (hint hint).  

I will leave you all tonight with thoughts of spring, of new quilts and a fresh new look on life. 

Til next time.....
Keep your needles stitching
Ideas flowing 
every once in a while..... 
Take a deep breath, 
and take in the freshness of a new day.