Monday, February 29, 2016


Remember this? 

It almost seems like a lifetime ago. It was my beginning. 

We all start somewhere. 

No matter what you do we all start at the beginning. 
For work we start with training or schooling, or both. 
For hobbies we either attend classes or group gatherings to learn or we do research and watch others to learn. 
For owning our own business - we earn a college degree to learn how to 'do it right', or we learn as we go through trial and error until we get it right where we want it. 

Same goes for quilting. We all started out not knowing what we were doing. Some started at a young age watching and helping a parent or grandparent. Others started much later in life and learned by taking classes, pairing up with others who were quilters, or just watching videos. And we all began thinking, "I can't possibly do 'THAT'!"

Then some time passes, you keep learning, keep quilting and suddenly you hear others looking at your work and saying, "I can't possibly do 'THAT'!" And you think, "Really? that was easy."  And you add, "Let me show you." And suddenly you are teaching others what you yourself, not that long ago, thought was difficult to nearly impossible to do.  

For you who are new to quilting or still in the wanna be stage of quilting but think they can never do a quilt like some you may see online or in person.... remember their first quilts didn't look like there current one. It takes time, practice, some frustration, trial and error, a good seam ripper, good fellow quilters to help you and encourage you, and ends with a great feeling of satisfaction of: "I MADE THAT!"

 This is my recently finished quilt. Complete with blocks I colored first. This is a technique I learned not that long ago and within a few months was already teaching our guild members how to do! 

As was once told to me before I got started..... 


til next time...... 

enjoy your quilting process!