Photos of My Quilts

This is an ever growing gallery of the quilts I have made. 
I will tell a brief story of each one as I can. 


 "Spools" is the first quilt project I ever did. 

After I made"SPOOLS" my husband asked if I could make one for our grandson for Christmas. It was Sept at the time.  So I designed the second quilt I ever made. I used photos, did fussy cuts and figured it out as I went. 



This one I made for our Granddaughter, Emma. It was also the first quilt I did on my longarm! 

Winter Cardnals
This is a wall hanging I made with fabric I had owned for maybe 10 years. Part of the "I got to have it" fabric though you don't have a clue why!  I was sewing the binding on it while on lunch at work and sold it before it was done!  I went home and made---
Log Cabin

This was also made early on in my quilting life.
DH knew I was making it, but didn't know I had finished it. I had it hanging on the living room wall above the sofa so he could see it when he got home from work.  He came home that evening, changed out of his work clothes, we ate supper - which we eat while sitting on the sofa, he put the dishes away, we chatted for a while. Then he turned on his computer, got onto facebook (where I had posted a picture of the Log Cabin and mentioned that it was hanging in the living room); He was reading the updates on facebook, saw mine, read it.... and .... turned around to look at the quilt hanging just above his head!  His comment? "Well, I'll be, you're right, there it is."  LOL  I still love him! 

May Basket Wall Hanging/Block

Quilts come in many sizes. This was just one block out of a larger pattern. I wanted to practice the block as well as the quilt stitching on my regular sewing machine. So made this.  Liked it so made a second one. After seeing I could do the stitching on the sewing machine I knew I could do it on the longarm.  This size is great to fill that little spot on your wall that just 'needs something".

Made this wall hanging 'Sign' using applique letters purchased from Marsye Quilt Blocks.  Quilting is done with the computer designs as well as free motion feathers.

Made this quilt in 2010. It was the last quilt I quilted on my domestic sewing machine. Did Stitch in the Ditch.

Made this wall hanging for a fellow quilter, Marsye.  My husband then wanted one, only for our queen size bed.  So.....

I made this one for him. Longarm work is a combination of free motion (outlining the bears) and computer designs from my Side Saddle computer connected to my Nolting Longarm. This was the largest quilt I had made.

"American Beauty" which I designed and put together. Longarm work is via computer design. It is pictured on a queen size bed. This one is one of my quilts I have made for sale.

"Fall Mix" queen size quilt I designed and made. Longarm work is via computer design. This one has been sold and now lives in west TN.

Following, but changing slightly, a pattern from A.E. Nathans' quilt of the month I made this quilt. Fits a queen size bed. Longarmed on my Nolting 20" Fun Quilter with a computer design. This one is another made to sell.