Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Never quit learning. Never quit exploring. Never quit trying new things. 
And if you aren't the creative type but appreciate the work of others, here is a new art form done at Quilter's Pantry!
This is the beginning of many more to come! 

 Yes, in my 'spare' time I explored a new avenue of creativity and found the details to create these works of art. 
 Using my longarm with the computer designs I normally put into quilts for my customers or my own quilts I nor found a new use for them.  
While so often a quilted design gets lost in a quilt made of a wide variety of fabrics, prints and colors and the longarm design gets lost, here the longarmed and colored design is the center of attention. 

The process does take a while from start to complete work of art ready for sale, but the possibilities are endless!

From here my mind drifts off to personalized pieces as well as fall and Christmas designs..... 

Have something you would like made?  A special gift for someone?  Let me know.  Check out the Quilter's Pantry Etsy shop... there is a link on the right side of the blog for you to easily get there.

I am also still doing the normal quilting. Normally a slower time in the quilting world, this year it is staying busy, yet giving me time to work on my own projects and time to let the creative juices flow.  
Love it! 

So, til next time.. 
Keep those needles stitching, 
Those creative juices flowing
Take time to smell the roses
Enjoy the great outdoors and the joys of spring/summer.