Thursday, March 10, 2016

Snowman Memories

" Snowman Memories" is my latest quilt. It is made with the Fill in the Blanks 2 quilt pattern by Sue Jones. Snowman fabric was also purchased from her. 

Photos of this quilt have been seen by more people than I can count it seems. It's photo has been shared around the world. I posted it a couple of times on Facebook pages and my own page. Many have shared the photos onto their own pages.  I am honored!  

About the quilt:
The blocks came as an outlined pattern on the fabric. I then used a three step process and colored them with colored pencils. Some are assuming it was done with crayons. Some have shared my post and said it was an embroidered quilt. Neither is true. 

When you see a quilt you like don't assume you know how it was made. What it looks like and what it really is may be different. For the one who actually made it it is important that the information that gets spread around is correct. Share what is correct. 

This is part rant as well as part sharing of my quilt. I hope you enjoy viewing the quilt (that is NOT for sale) as well as understand my frustration of those who don't pay attention to what the truth is. 

Til next time.... 
keep those needles stitching
the details explained
the facts true. 

---- Phyllis----