Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Holiday

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  
To all the Veterans 
who have served and are serving...


May all of you have a great weekend and holiday. Whether you are working, taking time to relax with family and friends, spending it catching up on chores, out in the garden, quilting..... whatever you are doing.
Have a safe and blessed holiday. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Friendship Ribbon" block

"Friendship Ribbons" Quilt Design
There is a saying that goes, " if you want something done, ask a busy person".  I do tend to get a lot done when under deadlines, or have a lot to get done, so it fits me. And it especially fits me over the last few weeks. 

The above pattern picture is my own designed block that when put together into a quilt will make a quilt that looks like the second picture. 

I made it as part of a BOM (Block of the month) that is going on in a quilting forum I am a member of. June was my month to submit a design.  Of course I couldn't just find one out there on the internet, I had to create my own! Love designing!   The overall design is all in the lay out of the pieces that make up the one block. If you switch any piece, or lay the blocks out differently to make the quilt, the overall design will be different.  It's amazing at how by just making tiny changes in a block if will change the larger picture!  

Well, as I stated ..."...ask a busy person." 

I've been busy working on customer quilts doing longarm work. Three down, one to go. Then I have two charity quilts to longarm that members of the guild I belong to made. These quilts are then donated to the local VA residents. 

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to Humboldt, TN for the 75th Strawberry Festival and there I met some of the people he grew up with. One of his former classmates had a quilt that a relative had started. The top was made but she wanted it completed. So she sent it home with me. I should have that done in another week. 

In addition to all that I have started two wall hangings, one for my daughter and son in law and one for me. 

Oh, plus worked at my regular job and took time out to spend part of the day with my daughter and son in law on Tuesday. It was a good day! A day which led to the next project ------ a baby quilt!  Winnie the Pooh, here we come!  We found out that it is a boy! 
Can't wait! I still get to teach him to quilt right?   

 I leave you now with a lot on my plate to get done over the next two weeks. I think I can do it. 

Wishing you all a HAPPY and SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.   

You will find me in the quilt studio!

Til next time-----


Friday, May 18, 2012


Sunrise May 18 2012
Good Morning! Hope today finds you well, and eager to enjoy the day with the beauty around you. My DH took this picture this morning from our deck. LOVE our view and the ever changing scenes we are blessed with each day. 

This week has been a busy week at Quilter's Pantry. After several days away on a short vacation, getting back into the swing of things took a day or two. Don't you just hate needing a vacation to recover from a vacation?  But, now I'm back on track with the energy. Also back on the busy fast track of quilting and making other items for my customers. 

As the saying goes, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." Somehow, I've managed to plan about two days worth of projects in each day for the next month. I promise I will take time out to breath, eat and sleep --- somewhere. Those of you who know me.... know me - you may have to remind me to relax. Oh, wait, you may have to describe what that word means first.
The joy in our lives continues. We found out in Feb that our daughter is going to have a baby in October!  This Tuesday I will be taking time away/off to go with them to find out if I get to make a quilt for a baby girl or a baby boy!  It is our daughter's first baby, plus they only live 5 miles away. You all know what that means...... we get to spoil this little one!  I will keep you updated over the next few months and of course share pics of the little one! 

With a full day of work ahead of me, and other tasks to get done before I even get to work, I will let you all get back to your day. May you have a great day, a successful day, a positive day. 

Until next time --- 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER - Happy Mother's Day

My Mother, my children and memories of Daddy

In memory of my Mother, Arlene. 
Happy Mother's Day. 

The picture above shows my mother in the upper left corner.
Baby pictures are me in the middle, my daughter to the left and my son to the right. 
The etching of the house is one I did from a photo of the house I grew up in.  It was built by my father and mother two years before I was born and where I grew up. 
The large photo collage of photos are pics of my children and I and their spouses.
The poem to the left is one I wrote of memories of my father. 
The wood burn is one I did from a drawing my father had done many years before. 

My mother taught me to sew when I was young. I don't remember how she taught me, but just that she was a seamstress and made all my clothes. Until the time she made me a pink corduroy coat when I was maybe 11 or 12. (I still don't really like pink). At that age I think her told her to stop making clothes for me.

She taught me how to treat people. One of her sayings was: "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all."  

She also used to hate it when people would tell their children to "Shut up". That was not allowed around her, and to her it was being mean to the child.

She was diagnosed with MS in the early '70's but we suspect she had it even in the early '60's as her mother, and I walked longer distances than she did when we went to the New York Worlds Fair in 1964.  

She refused to let it keep her down for long. She pushed herself. She tried various diets and foods to help with the affects of MS. She eventually walked with a walker. 

She continued to drive as much as she could especially to church.   One time she stopped at the post office and the car slid on the ice and hit the blue post office box. She couldn't stop and get out of the car so when she got home she called the post office and told them she was the one who had hit the mail box. They told her not to worry about it, as she was not the first to do it. 

I have many memories of my mother over the years. And I miss her very much. 

In 1989 she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought a good fight. She passed away in March of 1990. 

And now my daughter is due with her first child in October. So to her --- Happy to-be-Mother's Day!

And a Happy Mother's Day to my daughter in law, and my step daughter.

And to all mothers - may you have a blessed day. 


Monday, May 7, 2012


Good morning and welcome to new week!

There is so much going on in all our lives and I know each of you is busy doing what you do.  I am honored that you have taken time out to visit my blog and spend time here.

Quilter's are a wide variety of people. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what your age is, what you do for a living, how big or small your home is, or how much free time you have. It doesn't matter what your education is, what your views of the country or the world are, or any other factor in your life.  We, as quilters, have a bond like no other I've ever known. 

When I first began quilting, for real (I had attempted many years ago and just couldn't get it right, so quit) I suddenly found I had things in common with more people, men and women, than I could have imagined.
And every quilter is more than happy to share, to help, to offer suggestions, to just be there for other quilters. 

I resisted joining a guild for a long time, but now that I have, and I have gotten to know some of the members, it is a good feeling to have the friendships and see all the work they do as a group to help those in need.  If you haven't joined a local guild yet, look for one in your area and go visit.

I have the privilege of working in the local fabric department, as well as my own quilting business.  The joy of getting to play with fabric all day long is nice, but meeting the customers and being able to help them, or learn from them about their projects is a blessing. I look forward to seeing and hearing what their latest projects are. I also enjoy helping them pick out fabrics and helping them with measurements.   I especially enjoy helping those new to quilting, or those who say they have never quilted but want to learn.

And so it is, on this new day and new week I am headed off to play (work) with fabric all day. Tonight I will be back in the Quilter's Pantry studio to work on customer orders. 

May each of you have a wonderful day. Reach out and share with a fellow quilter today. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Mini Cabinets and Legal Pad Organizers
Mini Cabinets and Legal Pad Organizers!  

These cabinets are so fun to make! 

And everyone can use a legal pad organizer/cover! 

These are available at Quilter's Pantry Shop on the web site. 

Many legal pad organizers to choose from. 
A limited selection of Cabinets available.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

  Here is a picture of the quilt I designed and, with the help of two other ladies (Kathy and Connie), made for the Elizabethton, TN Relay for Life fund raiser they are having May 12, 2012. 

A lot of love went into this quilt. 

Today Michelle picked it up so it can be on display at the Cash Express in Elizabethton, TN for people to see. On the 12th it will be at the fund raiser for the main item of their silent auction.  
back view of "RIBBONS FOR LIFE"
 The back is done with lavender blender fabric with the ribbons design done with my Nolting Longarm, using a computer generated design. 

I made the label to reflect not only who had made it, but to mainly list the numerous cancers and the color ribbon that represents each one.