Saturday, September 21, 2013


Fall is upon us

      The time of year is upon us once again when things change. It may start out as a slow change with the sun shining brightly, the temps still feel like summer, but the nights start to cool down. The AC is turned off and windows let the fresh cool air in. Gardening comes to an ending. Plants are trimmed, pulled up or brought inside. Leaves start to change their color and float to the ground. 

And we change the decorations in and around the house.We bring out the fall colors in wreaths, flower arrangements, wall hangings, table covers and quilts to wrap up in on the chilly nights. 

We also realize that time is running away fast on having enough time to make all those Christmas quilts we want to make.
At times we realize that we don't really have time to make full or larger quilts in time for everyone we want. And we search for other things to make that are still quilted or quilt related. 

The list of ideas of other quilt related items to make could be a long one. There are:

Wall Hangings, Table Runners, Mug Rugs, Coasters, Lap Quilts, Baby Quilts, Doll Quilts, Pot Holders, Aprons, Wallets, Passport Carriers, Tote Bags, Purses.

And of course you do still have time to make a quilt or two, or three. You may not have time to eat or sleep, but the quilts will be done. 

This is also the time of year when we tend to become too busy. Yes, many of us are busy all year 'round. Some are busy in the spring and summer with other things going on in their lives. Fall arrives and we change our focus, but are just as busy if not more so. 
We have holidays to plan for. Those with kids have school events and sporting events. Kids are busy with homework and can always use our help. 

I know I've talked about stress and how to limit stress in our lives but there are times we forget the simple things.  Breathing is one of those things. Yes, stop, take a deep breath. 

I'll have tips for getting through the next few months in upcoming posts. I will start by offering Quilter's Pantry longarming service to you to help you get those quilt tops made into quilts in time for Christmas. My time is also limited and I have a few projects going on, but that is what I do. And I still have openings. So if you have a quilt top you just won't have time to quilt contact me. 

If you need quilt kits made, or a few blocks premade with applique work or some embroidery designs on them..... let me know. I know people who can help you out with those needs too! When we all work together things get done easier.

Til next time.... 
keep those needles stitching, 
those ideas flowing 
and continue creating.