Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Long Arm Quilting Retreat from Memory Lane Quilting
Come Join Us
Where -Clarion Inn Asheville, Fletcher, North Carolina
When - June 26th & 27th 2015

Meet & Greet Thursday Evening (June 25th)
with free Lecture by Linda Miller on Is Computer Quilting in Your Future

Classes will include:
Free Motion Quilting, with Linda Miller & Karen Kendo
Longarm Ruler Classes, with Karen Kendo & Linda Miller
Side Saddle Computer Classes, with Phyllis Dewey & Jennifer Kay of The Quilting Solution
I.Q. Computer Classes, with Linda Miller
Machine Trouble Shooting, with Mike Holodnak

Come for the weekend or come for the day,
Classes are open to everyone.
Class schedules are on line @
Call Memory Lane Quilting to register your classes, 330-468-2831 (Tell them you heard about it from Quilter's Pantry!)
A registration fee of $40.00 is due at time of registration

Looking to purchase a Longarm?
Come and demo a Nolting Longarm
Call 330-468-2831 to reserve a time

BTW Longarm Supplies, Quilter’s Rule rulers, YLI thread, and pantos, will also be available.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


  • LONGARM QUILTING RETREAT ........................................................ Information listed below copied from      Memory Lane Quilting. 
  • I will be teaching beginner classes for Side Saddle!  

What's New!  
Come Join Us
Where - Clarion Inn Asheville, Fletcher, North Carolina
When - June 26th & 27th
      Classes will include:
 Free Motion Quilting, with Linda Miller & Karen Kendo
Longarm Ruler Classes, with Karen Kendo &Linda Miller
Side Saddle Computer Classes, with Phyllis Dewey & Jennifer Kay of The Quilting Solution
I.Q. Computer Classes, with Linda Miller
Machine Trouble Shooting, with Mike Holodnak
Come for the weekend or come for the day, Classes are open to everyone
Go to for details.
 BTW, Come and Demo a new Nolting machine or shop for your Longarm quilting tools

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We are quilters. We play with fabric. We dream of fabric, We dream of quilts. We design quilts. 

and then....

We PANIC when we have to choose the fabrics for a quilt. 
What colors do we want/need our quilt to be? What pattern are we using? Where is the quilt going to be used? Will it match the room? Will the person using it like the colors? What print do we want the fabric to have? Will it be appropriate? 

ALL these things to think of. No wonder so many panic. And then once we pick out the color theme.... which tone of those colors? What other colors will match and not fight with the other fabrics?

What fabric do we use for the backing? The sashing? the binding?  Decisions! Decisions!  HELP! 

I hear these concerns often when I talk with my customers. (There is also the quilter who has the fabrics picked out, but has no idea which pattern to use --- that subject will be addressed later) 

So, how do you pick out the fabrics (colors/theme/print)? Take a deep breath and jump right in. 

        TIP:  take your pattern with you when you go shopping. If you can't take the pattern, at least take a list of what yardage you will need. (And ALWAYS buy a bit more for that 'just in case' need more factor).

FIRST: Know who the quilt is going to. If it is for yourself and your home - which room will it be used in? What are the colors of that room? What colors do you want? Is it a wall hanging? A lap quilt? A bed quilt? Table runner? 

If it is going to someone you know.... what is their favorite color(s), what are the colors in the room it will be used? What will it be used for? 

If it is going to someone you don't know.... i.e. charity.... what is the age of the recipient? A baby, toddler, older child, teen, adult. Male, or female? 

Once those are answered it gets a little easier. 

SECOND: pick out your 'Focus' fabric.  This fabric is usually a print that has many colors in it. 

 Your 'focus' fabric is also the one that is usually used the most in your quilt.

 THIRD: Choose the other colors out of that 'focus' fabric so they all match and make for a beautiful quilt.

       TIP:If you are unable to pick all your fabrics at the same time at the same location, cut a sample off the fabrics that you have purchased, especially your focus fabric, and carry with you at all times (You never know when you may see a quilt shop and just HAVE to stop and look at the fabric ;) 

I know it sounds easier than it feels when it comes time to pick out your fabrics. Don't be afraid to take your time, ask the associate for help, or take a friend with you to help pick it out. Two or more sets of eyes to see the colors that match or don't match is helpful. Nothing worse than spending a ton of money on fabric you 'think' will match the others you are using in a quilt only to go home, put them side by side, and be disappointed and have to go shopping again. 

       TIP:  An easy way to pick your fabrics as those pictured above, is to look for them all with the same 'family' name. The first ones pictured are all from the "Wise Old Owl" collection. There are also others that matched it but were actually from another collection, but had the same print as part of the 'focus' owl print.

The second set pictured above are all from the "Patchwork Kids' family. That makes it real easy. Pick all the ones with that family name and go with it. However, you will notice that the main 'focus' fabric has many other colors you could choose from as well. You can continue to find more that may be in the same collection, or choose solids that match the colors such as the blues, yellows, etc. 

Whenever possible take your time when looking for fabrics. Make it fun.  Let the fabrics 'talk' to you. Yes, they really do 'talk' to you. The quilt pattern 'talked to you, didn't it? Take a friend, go out to eat afterward.  Enjoy the experience.

I hope this has helped get over the panic feelings of buying fabrics.   There is more to it sometimes, but it can be as simple as what I suggested. 

Til next time..... 

Keep those needles stitching, 
The creativity flowing
And the fabrics busy becoming quilts. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few days away. It is often a bittersweet day. Some don't have a good relationship with their mother. Others have lost their mother. While others have their mother still with them and have a great relationship. 
I lost my Mom to cancer in 1990.  She had also had MS since the early '70's.  I miss her so much and think about her every day.  I have a photo of her hanging in my quilt studio.  It is because of her that I quilt.  
She was a seamstress and taught me to sew. When I was 10 I helped her place the 4" pieces to form an "Around The World" quilt. She made it out of the wool and tweed fabric scraps on one side and the cottons on the other side. There was no batting, but this quilt is heavy and warm. She had tied it instead of quilting stitches.  I still have the quilt. I still remember some of the clothes the fabric came from.
I will confess I didn't always take good care of it and it has some wear and tear on it. I don't use it anymore because of this.

She was an inspiration to many. She never let her MS or cancer stop her from helping others if she could. A positive attitude through and through. I rarely heard a negative word from her. 

When it came to her sewing.... I remember going to the dry goods store with her and the aroma of the fabrics. Rolls upon rolls of fabrics of all kinds. I remember some of the clothes she made and I was amazed at some of them.

I stopped sewing in my early 20's, except for an occasional outfit or mending. 

I then got into quilting and I've not stopped since. 

She was gone by the time I started quilting, but I wish I could share it with her. I wish I could call her and share the fabrics I buy, the quilts or other items I make and especially the longarm work I do. She never would have imagined what I would grow up to be!  

Miss you Mom.  

If you can..... give your Mom an extra hug  or a phone call this Mother's Day. If you can't.... send up an extra prayer. 

And if you are a Mother.....  Bless you!