Monday, August 25, 2014

Ending of Summer

Hard to believe it is nearly the end of 'official' summer. The temperatures will remain warm for a while, around here, but Labor day is just around the corner.  Schools have started, colleges are also back in session. Summer canning and freezing of the garden produce is in full swing, or already over. And all those quilts we wanted to be working on all summer....... are still waiting. 

As for me.... I've been busy quilting after a few weeks of being slowed down. I'm back in the swing of it (although I am taking this week away from any major quilting as we have a family reunion to prep for).  Customer quilts are again in a short pile, other quilts to be pieced are waiting to be touched, and while one is already loaded onto the longarm, another 3 are waiting in line and a 4th is waiting for me to make the backing. 

I hope you all have had a great summer doing what you love to do. I know many take time away from quilting to spend time with family, in the garden, at the shore, at the lake, traveling and just taking a quilting break.  Now it's time to get back into quilting.  Summer is ending and last I heard Christmas is only 18 Fridays away!  YIKES!  

I will leave you with this thought. Take a deep breath; survey your stash; make you Christmas list of gifts you want to make; pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy creating!  

Have a great end of summer week !

Til next time....
Keep those needles stitching.