Friday, February 27, 2015


Winter hit with a bang around here in February.
I had so much I wanted to get done, a class to prepare for..... and bang- first I got sick with a cold. I lost a couple days of work. 

Then our grandson got sick with the croup with bad cough, wheezing and the works. 

All the while I was busy preparing for teaching the computer system "Side Saddle" that I use with my Nolting longarm set up. 

And then.... the snows hit! First here at home....and I missed more work. 

Then for our trip to Richfield, OH where I was to teach, the roads were not the best.

Then while we were in Ohio teaching - more snow.

Then the snow and ice were on the roads for our trip home!  We did arrived safely and it felt so good to be home.

Teaching was a success and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and helping them learn how to use their Side Saddle systems to make beautiful quilts. 

THEN -- MORE SNOW! And I missed more work.  

So...  now the snow has stopped. I managed to longarm 3 quilts are am now working on the bindings. 
The joys of quilting.... see the end in sight. 

 ......just in time to start a new quilt of course!  

So now, with the temperatures warming up next week and rain instead of snow, I look forward to Spring.  

I already have a few things on my calendar that y'all may be interested in:  

 1) April 10 -11, 2015 the Appalachian Heritage Quilters Guild of which I am a member, is holding their annual Quilt Show. 
Friday's hours are 10 - 7 and Saturday's hours are 8 - 5. 
It is being held again at Crossroads Christian Church in Gray, TN. 

2) June 19 - 20 there will be a LONGARM RETREAT held here in the Tri Cities area of TN.  Put on by Memory Lane Quilting with Nolting longarm machines. 
I will be teaching the Side Saddle classes.  I will be posting more details as we organize the retreat.  For now, just circle your calendars if you hope to attend. 

For now.... time to hand sew the binding on a quilt and a hanging sleeve on another quilt...

Til next time.....

Keep those needles stitching, 
the creativity flowing, 
and the joy of quilting in your heart.