Monday, January 30, 2012

Good morning!  It's a brand new week. New goals, old goals to finish. No matter what is on your plate this week, take time out to enjoy the little things. 
Have a great day/week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Longarm work for Clients

This section will show the longarm work done by Phyllis at Quilter's Pantry.  
The quilts pictured are made by clients unless otherwise mentioned. 

Baby quilt pieced by Sandra Shell. Longarmed by Phyllis Dewey.

 Baby quilt longarmed using computer design and free motion work combination.

Back view showing the longarm quilting

Double Wedding Ring hand pieced by Nell Benton. Longarmed by Phyllis Dewey

Large quilt hand pieced by Nell B. Longarm work was combination computer design and free motion.
Back view of DWR showing longarm stitching

The two quilts below:
Fabric was designed by Lucinda Lei.

These are both made by Phyllis D. using the panel and backing fabric that Lucinda Lei designed. 
Longarm work on both was done by Phyllis D at Quilter's Pantry.

Front view

Back view

Front view of second quilt.
Back view.

Quilt below was done for a customer. She provided the t-shirts and working with her on the lay out of where she wanted the designs to go I made this quilt for her.
T-Shirt quilt made for Mary M.

Below is a picture of two quilts side by side. They are identical. Picture shows the front of the one and the back of the other so you can see the longarm stitching.
Identical quilts made by Ali L. and longarmed by Phyllis


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newest quilt

Resting on my Great Grandmother's rocking chair - my latest quilt. I have the binding to hand sew onto the back but otherwise it is done.
It is waiting for a new home, so if you know somewhere that this would be happy being let me know. The quilt will be listed for sale soon. 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Other crafts I've made or still make

Mini Storage with micro mini quilt

4 sided photo cube pin cushion with storage

4 sided photo cube pin cushion with storage inside

Bird house pin cushion with space for broken needles and pins

These are some of my crafts I've made in the quilting world.  I am going to start making more of the photo cube pin cushions and more of the mini storage units with micro mini quilts. The mini storage units are 6" tall.
If you are interested in purchasing one let me know.  

The bird house one will not be available.  The tiny bird house with bird perched on it were made by my father well over 30 years ago. 

Fabrics and colors used will vary on each one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making a pattern into my own

I just finished this quilt top. By taking an original pattern, changing the size of the blocks adding extra borders I made it my own. 

You too can do this to patterns you use. Some patterns are easier to alter than others, but you can make most quilts larger than the pattern calls for just by adding borders. 

Make a square quilt pattern into a rectangle by adding larger borders or more borders just on the top, or top and bottom.

That is part of the fun and creativity that comes with quilting.

I will get this loaded onto the longarm over the weekend and share the final quilt when it is done. You will see what an additional difference the longarm stitching makes on a quilt top. 

If you have a quilt top that needs to be longarmed, or want a quilt made - just let me know. 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quilter's Pantry updates and future

Welcome to the weekend.  I will be quilting all weekend in the hopes to finish at least the top to a new quilt. I'd love to have it all done, but will settle for just the top. 

It is also time to expand my business area and move the office to another room so I will have more room to offer classes for those who live close enough to attend.

The classes will be for the very beginners who have never quilted, but who own and know how to use their sewing machine.  I will have enough room for only 3 maybe 4 in each class so personal attention will be there for all.  Yes, there will be a fee for the classes.

(I may offer classes later on for those who do not have a sewing machine if I am able to find a few spare sewing machines to have for the students ---- anyone have an extra sewing machine to donate to the cause?) 

If you would be interested in attending one of my beginner classes please contact me and let me know. I am panning to offer one on Tues eve, and another on Sat mornings, once a month. Students can attend either one. Just once a month. We will see how that goes. 

I will let you know when they will be up and ready. I will also be putting the information on my facebook page. 

I am also excited about other activities that Quilter's Pantry will be part of this year. Details will be forth coming as we get the details worked out. 

In the mean time ---- today it's to the quilt studio!

Have a wonderful weekend. May you accomplish all you set out to do. And if not, may the alternative interuption be even better than you had planned. 


Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Welcome to Friday the 13th. 
Some may be superstisious about the number and the day with that number. I am not. 
Today though, in east TN we have snow blowing, snow covered roads, high winds and it really looks like winter now!  

I will be back over the weekend with more tips and hints, more pictures and we will see what else I will have to share. 

I am working on a quilt that I started yesterday. Did find out one thing -- not all directions are correct on patterns. Found out the hard way. Luckily I can get more of the fabric I need as the cut was too small for where it needed to be. 

I wish for all to have a safe, warm and blessed Friday. 

Ms Phyllis

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Framed Bears Wall Hanging led to....

I made this wall hanging and gave it to a friend of mine. A quilting friend I have never met! 
My husband fell in love with it and couldn't believe I just gave it away.  He told me he wanted a queen size quilt made with the same fabrics. The problem was the one fabric was not available any more. I did some searching, lots of asking on quilting forums and was blessed in finding some. 

So a year later I finally made and finished his queen quilt....
This one is 84" x 104" .
Long arm work on it I did a combination of computer design and free motion.

Back of quilt
Close up of one block with longarm work detail

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tips for Storing Patterns

I spent part of my weekend going through my loose quilt patterns and organizing them. I have ones I have printed off the internet, ones I have collected that Walmart puts out each month, and others that I have from who knows where at this point. 

I have patterns for just blocks, patterns for wall hangings, patterns for pot holders, table runners. Oh, yes, and patterns for quilts. PLUS the patterns I design. 

And this is not counting the patterns in the books, and magazines! 

If you are a quilter you understand. 

After finding them here there and yon, I decided it was time they were at a central location.

So I grabbed one of my 3-ring binders and some plastic page sleeves.  I put two patterns in per sleeve - one faceing each direction in the sleeve.  I have some that are dulicates and put those in together. 

I then divided them into categories:

1) Quilt patterns from a particular manufacturer
2) Wall Hangings
3) Table runners
4) Christmas
5) Log Cabin patterns - this has a separate section since there are so many ways to use a set of log cabin blocks
6) Just Blocks
7) Other projects

You can add more categories and I am sure I will in time. 

If you find a pattern in a book or a magazine that you like there are many ways to keep it handy. Either make a list of the pattern/quilt that you like and include a photo of it, list where the pattern is and in what book or magazine. 
Or make a copy of it and put the copy into your 3-ring binder. (Make sure you note on there any copyright issues with using that pattern.) 
You can also scan the patterns from books and magazines and then print them out to put into you binder(s). Plus you will have the scan saved on your computer or jump drive to refer back to at any time. 
You can also make notes on the cover of each book or magazine of quilts you like and want to make. 

Patterns that are in magazines or books may come under copyright laws and are not to be copies and shared.  More on that subject can be found on the internet. 

If you have enough patterns or other things you want to keep organized you may just want to get several colors of binders. I would also label each one according to what is it in for quick reference.
I hope this has been helpful. 

Happy Quilting ! 


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips and Hints

A new year a new plan.

Today's tip -----

To help you get your fabric organized and for you to be able to easily tell how much of each fabric you have without unfolding it, I've designed fabric labels. Feel free to create your own to meet your needs. 

On mine I include where I purchased it, the date and the price. This way I know where I got it in case I need or want more. Often fabric may not be available after a certain amount of time so the date comes in handy also. 

By putting the yardage in the beginning as well as keeping track of the balance each time you use some it is easy to see who much you have left just by looking at the label instead of needing to unfold the fabric each time. 

By putting the "Project Idea" on the label you will be more likely to save it for that project, be reminded of the project you wanted to do when you look at the label again. 

Another tip for "Projects" is to put all the fabric together along with the pattern as you buy the fabric.

Happy Quilting



DATE: ___________
YARDAGE ________________ PRICE: ________________
PURCHASED FROM ________________________________
PROJECT IDEA ___________________________________
PRE WASHED ___________ PHOTO __________________
USED ___________________________ DATE __________
BALANCE ________________________________________
USED ________________ DATE______________________
BALANCE ________________________________________

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to a new year!

I spent the day getting the house back in order. Christmas tree and all the decorations are now away until Nov. I keep saying I am not going to put out as many decorations as the year before. And maybe this is the year I stick to that. I have it all packed away so I can just pull out the tree and a few things to keep it simple and easier to put up and put away. 

This new year will bring with it more pattern designs to sell as the ones posted here. If you are interested in any or all of these let me know.  I have a few new designs in the works already. 

I have a wall hanging to make in the next week or two for my daughter and son in law. Can't wait to get working on it, but I have a few things to take care of first. 

Then it will be on to to other things we have planned for the year and waiting to see what comes our way to work on. 

Hope all your dreams for the new year come true.