Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm not sure where this pic originated from but it's made its rounds on the internet and is perfect for showing how quilters think at times. 

Over the last several days I've heard a lot of people ask questions about quilting on the quilting sites, forums, and groups that at first may cause an experienced quilter to roll their eyes and wonder why the question was even asked as the answer is so simple. 

Then as others, or I answer the questions I realize that we all started out not knowing and were either taught in a class, helped by someone who quilted, or found teaching resources on the internet. Those resources plus hours of trial and error (sewing and frogging) got us where we are today. 

As a quilter, think back to when you started quilting, or when you first thought about learning to quilt. Your first reaction was most likely, "I would love to make a quilt, but I don't know how". Or, "I could never learn to quilt".  Mine was, "I can't do that". 
But I'm here today with honestly loosing count of all the quilts I've made or longarmed for customers in just a little over 4 years. 
As we learn more and more about quilting and make more and more quilts we often start taking some things for granted. We tend to think of some aspects of it as common sense, or just as a given and assume everyone knows that. But not everyone does. And if we don't do a step or technique very often we may forget how to do it and have to ask or find the answer ourselves.  

Quilter's tend to form a specialty to what they like to do best. Some like to piece, some to applique, some to do scrappy quilts, some to do masterpiece/award winning quilts, some to make quilts for charity, some for gifts, and some to make custom quilts to sell. 
We all continue to learn and perfect our craft. As we learn we also like to share. It just comes with being a quilter. In the desire to share don't forget to continue to share what you learned in the very beginning. When you hear or see someone ask any question about quilting be willing to take time out to answer. You once were that person.

I plan on taking some of the questions I've heard recently and offering the answers here over the next month or two. So, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and ask your question. I'll be happy to answer what I can, or find the answer for you. 

Til next time..... 
keep those needles stitching, 
the creativity flowing 
and the warmth of a quilt 
wrapped around you. 

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