Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few days away. It is often a bittersweet day. Some don't have a good relationship with their mother. Others have lost their mother. While others have their mother still with them and have a great relationship. 
I lost my Mom to cancer in 1990.  She had also had MS since the early '70's.  I miss her so much and think about her every day.  I have a photo of her hanging in my quilt studio.  It is because of her that I quilt.  
She was a seamstress and taught me to sew. When I was 10 I helped her place the 4" pieces to form an "Around The World" quilt. She made it out of the wool and tweed fabric scraps on one side and the cottons on the other side. There was no batting, but this quilt is heavy and warm. She had tied it instead of quilting stitches.  I still have the quilt. I still remember some of the clothes the fabric came from.
I will confess I didn't always take good care of it and it has some wear and tear on it. I don't use it anymore because of this.

She was an inspiration to many. She never let her MS or cancer stop her from helping others if she could. A positive attitude through and through. I rarely heard a negative word from her. 

When it came to her sewing.... I remember going to the dry goods store with her and the aroma of the fabrics. Rolls upon rolls of fabrics of all kinds. I remember some of the clothes she made and I was amazed at some of them.

I stopped sewing in my early 20's, except for an occasional outfit or mending. 

I then got into quilting and I've not stopped since. 

She was gone by the time I started quilting, but I wish I could share it with her. I wish I could call her and share the fabrics I buy, the quilts or other items I make and especially the longarm work I do. She never would have imagined what I would grow up to be!  

Miss you Mom.  

If you can..... give your Mom an extra hug  or a phone call this Mother's Day. If you can't.... send up an extra prayer. 

And if you are a Mother.....  Bless you!  


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