Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being a Quilter

I made this for Valentine's Day early last year. Just a small table cover, the longarm work is using two of the hundreds of computer patterns I have.  A fun quick project to do. 

I now have my St' Patrick's Day table runner on display which was also an easy project.  Picture will be come later.

Being a quilter doesn't mean you have to start with making a quilt to cover a bed.  Or that you ever have to make one that large. 

Being a quilter means you like to take perfectly good fabric, cut it up into pieces, sew it back together with other pieces you have cut, layer it with batting, and more fabric on the back and stitch or tie it to keep it connected. 

O.k. so maybe there is a bit more to being a quilter, and some will debate what a 'quilter' really is.
But whether you are one who just likes to piece them and never finish them yourself (but send them off to be longarmed such as those who send them to me). Or if you are one who does it all by hand vs all by machine it's all part of being a quilter. And I admire you all.  

Many people make wall hangings, table runners, bed runners, doll quilts, mini quilts.  There are many things you can make and quilt. 

So if making that large bed quilt leaves you with sweaty palms, and scared to even try quilting, think small. 

As you can see in my page here of "My Quilts" I started out small. I took a queen size quilt pattern and just made a 9 patch section of it, which made it perfect for a wall hanging. It also made it just enough for me to be hooked big time in the world of quilting. I've not been able to stop quilting since.

Some who read my blog are not quilters at all and I thank you for being part of my blog.  If you have a quilt you would like to have made let me know. Don't forget those I already have for sale.  If you want to learn how to quilt - let me know. If you live close we can get together for a class.  I can also help with tips, ideas, and encouragement. There is always more to learn in the world of quilting. 

Have a wonderful day! 



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