Friday, February 17, 2012


Pieced by Sandra S. Longarmed by Phyllis at Quilter's Pantry

It was a busy week.

A combination of:
Longarm work, pictured above, for a customer; who brought it to me one evening and I called her at 2 PM the next day to tell her it was done;
and work at my regular job where customers and product kept me busy.

It was a good week with a fun ending.


At my regular job we had new fabrics come in. It was like Christmas, Birthday and winning the lottery all at the same time. 
New, beautiful prints, good quality! As I pulled each one out of the box I immediately starting making quilts in my mind. Which ones were meant to go together? Which other ones would go with each one? What quilt pattern would I use for them? And which fabrics that we already have on the shelves would go with the new fabrics to make those beautiful quilts? 

There are so many ways to look at fabric. Each person sees fabric in a different way. I'm inspired when a customer brings up a few bolts of fabric, to be cut,of different patterns and color combinations to make one quilt and they are a combination I hadn't even considered, but they work!

Some people look at fabrics for quilts, others for adult or children's clothing, still others look for craft projects, school projects, and so many other things. 

As a quilter or seamstress, otherwise known as fabriholics, fabrics talk to us. I watch people walk by the fabrics and can tell some fabrics are 'talking' to them. Some come shopping and are 'just looking', waiting for the fabric to 'talk' to them. I totally understand. 
Today - I had several fabrics 'talking' to me. But I stood strong and will wait..... we have more coming in - lol. I'll wait and let the whole collection battle it out amongst themselves to see which ones make it home with me.  I have projects in mind and there are always quilts to make. And customers who want me to make a quilt for them.  I'm sure I'll hear lots of fabric talking to me.  

In between all of the above I started making new things to have for sale at a couple of shows I'm participating in this spring. 

Now to enjoy the weekend:

My regular job requires my time Saturday, but I'll be busy there with resets and customers.
Sunday is early service of church and then spending the late morning and most of the afternoon with my daughter and her mother-in-law --- Girl time! 

I hope you all have had a great week and listened to the fabrics that were talking to you. 

----- Phyllis


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