Monday, April 30, 2012


Today is the last day of April, 2012. 

The quilt show is already over, all the beautiful quilts are now back to their owners. Mine ---- My favorite quilt, won 3rd place in the baby/crib quilt category by the judges and then won 2nd in the People's Choice vote in the same category !  I am so excited!  
Now time to make a new one especially for the show next year. ;)

In the mean time.....
This year is going by so fast already. Seems like we were just wishing the cold weather would go away. This week, at least here, it will reach 88 degrees!  What will summer be like? 

So, with the temps being so high, how many of you continue to work on quilts? How many of you still cut out all the pieces, sew them up into a brand new design, then put all the layers together and quilt it, then add the binding and sit with a large quilt on our lap and hand stitch the binding on? All while the temps sore higher and higher.

There is an easier way! Let me do it for you!  
I quilt all year round. From designing them to sewing the binding on. I can also just do the finish work for you on the quilt tops you have finished. Contact us to get them done over the summer so you have them ready for gifts throughout the year and early for Christmas!  

Have questions about quilting? Ask me. If I don't know the answer, I can find it out for you and point you in the right direction for the answer.  There are times when we all end up stuck with a method, a direction in the pattern, or some other problem in quilting. While the internet is a great source of information there are times when we just don't know who to ask the right question for the search to lead to the right answer. I'm good at figuring out what you mean by your questions and can locate the place for your answer. 

Happy Quilting!  I'll be in touch again soon!


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