Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And in my spare time......

Kindle Case # 7

Kindle Case # 8

Kindle Case # 4
O.k. So it's not really in my spare time. In my "Real" Spare time I.... sleep?  

Pictured above are just a few of the Kindle Cases I've made in between quilting, organizing quilting classes and working. Some (not pictured) have already been sold, or were special ordered. 
These are available to buy through Quilter's Pantry web shop.

So you see, there are many things you can make with fabric other than quilts.  And some of the smaller things you can make from the scraps of fabric, also known sometimes as our 'stash'. 

By taking time away from quilting to make smaller things you get a break from the large lurking project. You also get to use some of your smaller stash pieces. You get to enjoy being creative and making something new. 

It is during these times when we take breaks that we make the purses, tote bags, cases, ornaments, coasters, etc.  The list of smaller things to make goes on and on. You just never know what you may find to make.  

Taking a day or a period of time away from quilting just to go through all the fabric we have, to reorganize it, to see what pieces we really have can be relaxing as well. 
Go have some fun today.  Dig into your stash and see what you can create.   

Now ------ 

What did you find in your stash that you forgot you had?     

Go make it a great day!

Til next time -
Keep those needles stitching, the creative juices flowing and the fabric moving. 


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