Thursday, January 24, 2013



Check out the "Classes..." page in the tab above for details of what the class will involve. 

First class is being held Sat. February 9, 2013 from 9-12. 

Hurry and contact me to preregister.
I have only two more openings for the Feb 9 class.  
I have three people interested but not committed..... If you are interested in attending hurry to register!  Class size is very limited, but this assures more personal attention
Once class is full I won't be able to take any more for these dates and times. 

You need to contact me for your list of requirements and what to bring to class!  Fabric is available to purchase at class but the selection is limited. I will give you the amount of fabric needed for the project so you can purchase your fabric anywhere you wish or bring what you already have and want to use.

Students will be piecing at least four blocks while at class! 

Great way to start learning. Easy to understand instruction!  And I accept all questions during class time, as there are no dumb questions.

Main thing to know is there are no quilt police in quilting.  While there are easier ways to do things, one way may work better for you another way may work better for another person. Along with teaching the basics I will be showing some tricks, tips, and several hints to make quilting easy and FUN!  

You must be pre-registered to attend.  Price for the first class is $40.00.  Contact me for more details, and class requirements. 

I'm looking to this opportunity to teach you my passion for quilting!   Come join us!

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