Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Gets Busy

There are times in our lives when it seems there just aren't enough hours in the day, days in a week, or weeks in a month to manage to do all that we have to do, and especially all that we want to do! We tend to get burned out just keeping up with the necessities of life. We loose sleep with worry, we rush to eat and then eat all the wrong things. We stress and struggle, we fret, we forget to take that deep breath from time to time. We find ourselves at a loss

And then we find a hobby that we love. For me it is quilting. Of course for me that 'hobby' has turned into a business. A business that I love! That still gives me time to enjoy the 'hobby' portion of it all.  

You can learn more about my business at my website: 

But, this is about the hobby portion and what quilting is to so many quilters. 

 Many people ask why we quilt.
It is our form of therapy. Our release from life for while. It is our way of breathing. We get to use our creativity in so many ways. We make a lot of different decisions along the way. We get to change our minds as we go. We get to take our time in making our quilts for the most part. 

 Others ask how long does it take to make a quilt. 
 You will find that some quilts are made in a day and others take years to complete. Whatever spare time we can find to quilt, we use it. For some that is a lot of time, for others it's just a few minutes here and there. Either way, we cherish the time.

Others ask why a handmade quilt cost so much to buy. 
To see the work, time and expense that goes into making each quilt that question is easier to understand. And yet, many still won't understand the cost factor. 
And still others just don't see what quilters see in the entire process. 
That is okay...I don't see what there is to some sports either.       

And so with all that being said, I've been extremely busy. I find time in my day to fit in something quilt related
It may just be looking at fabric and imagining what it could be used for. 
It could be looking at just about anything and 'seeing' a 'quilt' in it. Have you ever noticed how many flooring patterns look like part of a quilt? 
It could be skimming through a quilt magazine, or quilt book. 
It could be reading a book that has references to a quilt somewhere in the story. 
It could be actually sitting down to cut out the quilt pieces, sew them together, or do the longarm work on one. 

Putting the binding on for the final touch and then wrapping myself in it's warmth brings a smile and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  To give that quilt to someone who needs it or delivering it to someone how ordered it also brings a sense of joy. 

And so the world of quilting brings so much to so many. 

How has your life been touched by a quilt?  

Til next time - 
Quilters- keep those needles stitching
Non-quilters - stay warm wrapped in that quilt you have or in the memories of that special touch of a quilt.
To those who haven't been touched by a quilt - think about making one, learning to quilt, or ordering one. 



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  1. just found your blog while googling for quilting bloggers in TN (I hope to move there next spring)... I will be back to read more! I agree with all that you said in this post - I quilt for therapy, for shared friendships with my quilting buddies, to make a virtual hug for someone using fabrics they adore. It is my passion! :)