Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. 

So thankful this year for all the friends I've made through the quilting work I do, my internet contacts and well as all the new people I have met personally. Also thankful for all the work I have been able to do for my customers in finishing their quilts, making quilts for them and being able to share my love of quilting with so many. 
You all have been a blessing. 

I'm also thankful for a good year for my family, the health of all of us and the joy of watching my grandson grow and learn so fast. At 15 months old you'd never know he was a preemie at birth although he still is a bit small compared to other 15 month olds. 

As the year comes near an end I still have lots of work to do, ornament orders to fill, quilts to finish up and orders already coming in for 2014!  Yes, it's been a year of blessings! 

Til next time --- take time to count your many blessings large and small. 


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