Friday, March 28, 2014

Wonderful People

Fabric Ornaments

My booth at AHQ Quilt show

We had a wonderful time at the quilt show today. Met some great people, sold some items, had a few ladies sign up for classes (one of which I don't even teach yet!). And several took my cards and discussed my longarming services! 

For those who were at the show and that we talked with - Thank you for stopping by!  We love meeting fellow quilters, getting to know new people and sharing our love of quilting.

To the gentleman who asked if I could write, "Harley Davidson" with the longarm, and I appologized for it not being in black thread when I wrote it.... when you figure out a way to move the pool table and make room for a longarm that can write, "Harley Davidson" and even quilt a motorcycle give us a call! Or when you decide a spot on your wall for a "Harley Davidson" wall hanging....

To the gentleman who saves his quarters to buy the newspaper, I hope the quarters in your change from your wife's purchase helped you out. I look forward to hearing from you and your wife again soon. We're just around the corner. (sort of).

For those who talked about longarming: having us do it for you, or buying a longarm machine - stay in touch we will do what we can for you. 

For those waiting for me to schedule that class I don't teach yet..... stay tuned and in touch! I'll get there!  I'll have your list of supplies ready soon. Same goes for the beginner quilting classes that will start up again in July/August.

For those who looked at and/or purchased ornaments ---- I do special orders all year round, so contact me for those as gifts for the special people in your lives. 

For those who just stopped in and chatted and shared a great story, a laugh or even just a smile - thank you for being there. 

For those who were unable to be there today, I hope you can stop by tomorrow.  

For all of you  -  feel free to "Join this site" here or follow our posts; join us on facebook at

Also feel free to post comments here on the blog. Have questions? Send me a message, email me, post a comment...etc.  I'll do my best to answer it for you or find an answer for you. 

Til next time either here or in person - 
Keep those needles stitching, 
those ideas and dreams flowing 
and your creativity expanding. 


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