Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to April

Quilts by Phyllis

Good morning and welcome to April! 

Temperatures have become warmer, grass is turning green, buds and tiny leaves are blooming on the early trees and plants. Flowers are growing and blossoming!  Spring is in the air --- along with a few rain showers. 

Many people slow down in their quilt making at certain times of year, starting in Spring and into Summer. Other things take the place of #1 importance and quilts get put away. And then we begin the feelings of withdrawal!  It's a true emotion felt when we separate ourselves from something we love. Don't let this happen to you this year! 

Set a time aside each week to quilt. Since there are many phases to making a quilt you can deal with the withdrawal in many ways. Go fabric shopping! Stitch just a seam or two on a single block. Cut out pieces for a quilt...... even a little at a time. Design your next quilt. Attend quilt shows. Reorganize a room or area in your home for quilting. Buy containers to hold your fabric. Make or buy a quilt hanger to display your favorite quilt. Stay up with quilt blogs or forums just to stay in touch with other quilters. When you travel, stop in a quilt shop. Take a quilting class. Read a book related to quilting or quilts. There are a few novels out there to help with that. Read quilting magazines. And, as comes so natural for quilters to do, talk about quilts and quilting with those you meet. Share your love of quilting with others. 

I don't have time NOT to quilt. Orders are coming in and I'm booking into the summer ! Love it!  I will take some time this summer for ME. I promise. Of course ME time will still be quilting, but it's on personal quilts that a long overdue.   I deal with deadlines with my customers, so have set deadlines for my own quilts as well. (well, unless something comes up). 

Classes to plan as well....never a dull moment. 

May your day be special today, may you not be hit by April Fool's jokes or if you are may they be fun and silly. 

Til next time---- 
Keep those needles stitching, your creativity flowing and your imagination wide open. 



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