Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there. 

I know the day is just about over, but like many of you, my day has been a busy one. 

Full of 'Mothering' things. Laundry, paying bills, and work.  BUT it was interrupted by a visit from my daughter, her husband and little AJ (who is getting bigger and bigger every day). They had made chocolate covered strawberries for me (and other moms). They are soooo good! 

I also got a phone call from my son, which is special as well since he lives so far away. He is also still in the Army so we don't see much of him. 

I'm so proud of both my kids. They each have had struggles, as everyone does. They have been through a lot as kids and as adults. Ours is a long story, but in the end we have survived and I am blessed by their love. 

Our lives get so busy most of the time. The days turn into weeks, into months and then into years. As Mom's we are busy raising our families and hoping the kids all turn out o.k. Then, we turn around and the kids are grown, out of the house, on their own with kids of their own. We look at them, when they don't realize it and smile ------ yep, we've done o.k.

Our one day a year when they acknowledge Mother's Day, is surrounded by all the other days of the year we function in Mom mode. And, yes it's true, no matter how old we or they get, they will always be our little boys or little girls. 

Also on this day, I'm missing my own Mom who passed away in 1990. She was the inspiration to my sewing and now quilting. She was a very special person. I wish she was still around so I could share with her my life as it is now. I think it would make her happy. 

And so, as this day comes to a close, I again wish you a Happy Mother's Day. May you find time each day of the year to look at your children, or your own mother and smile over a special memory, a fond moment, or just in the overall joy of motherhood. 

Til next time...... 



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