Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Walking for a Good Cause

AJ on his birth day
AJ just shy of 20 months!
On May 4th my daughter, Katrina, will be walking in the March of Dimes Walkathon here locally.   She is trying to raise money to reach her goal that will help the organization in research to help other preemie babies and their mommies. 

Her son, the AJ I talk about from time to time, pictured above, was a preemie and is doing remarkably well at 20 months old.  

Research has come a long way but more needs to be done to help babies and their mommies go to full term and be healthy.  
If you can and if you will please follow this link to donate to her team.  Any amount will help.

If you can't donate that is fine, I just ask that you keep them all in your thoughts and prayers as they walk for such a good cause. 

Thanks again to all my readers.

Til next time -

 Tiny fingers and tiny toes
Tiny quilts, tiny clothes.
Watching each breath they breath
Watching they grow and achieve.
Little babies growing up
Learning, caring, loving.
Wrapped around our hearts - always.

written by Phyllis Dewey



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