Saturday, November 26, 2011

The weekend after....

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Welcome to the weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  
I hope you each have survived them both safe, sound healthy and happy. 

I had to work during the mad rush of Black Friday during the Walmart's sales. One started at 10PM the other at midnight and a third, that I was not there for, was at 8AM.  I could not believe the rush, the crowd and the chaos during the sales.  It was almost funny, had it not been for the need for the 4 police officers and security to be there.Now that is all behind me. 

I spent yesterday and today decorating the tree and the house for Christmas. Most of the decoration on the tree are ones I have made over many years. I also have many other decorations around the house that I have made. 
Now with the addition of my quilting addiction I will have even more in the form of quilts, table runners or wall hangings. I've been busy with other quilt projects this year so don't even have many of those for myself. Will work on changing that in the near future.

I took a couple of days away from quilting, but feel the withdrawals already. The quilting studio also got some decorations put up, but I need to clean and reorganize a little bit to put up a few more. Then I'll be back to quilting.  I have a few gifts to finish.

I do have time to longarm a quilt or two for customers if you know of any that need to be done. 
And don't forget to check out my web sites and the shop for quilts for sale with mark downs good 'til the end of the year. 

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. 

~~~Phyllis ~~~

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