Monday, June 4, 2012

The Meaning of my Pennies

Good morning everyone. Hope your weekend was great and you are ready to face whatever the week has to offer you. 
I'm looking forward to another busy week with all I have on my plate and anticipate more headed my way. 

In the mean time I am reminded of the pennies I have sitting around my house.  If you come to my house and look around closely (please overlook the threads, dust and misplaced items lol) you will notice pennies in some non normal locations. 

A piggy bank ? - don't really have one.  Besides that would be normal.

In a pile on the dresser? Maybe

Hidden in my purse, or pockets? Maybe

No, you will notice single pennies sitting on the edges of my hutch, on the edge of the ledge of back splashes, next to my computer,  or any number of other 'out of normal' places.

There is a reason they are there.

Many years ago I heard a story of a rich man who was walking along and stooped down to pick up a penny.  Another person saw this and asked him why he wanted that little, useless penny when he already had all the money he could use.

He said that it wasn't the actual monetary value of the penny he was wanting. He asked her to read what was on the penny.  She said, "One Cent". 

"No," he replied.  It says, "In God we Trust".  

And so I have come to place a penny in various locations in my house.  I can be having a rough day and see one of the pennies and know that I need to put my trust in God. He will take care of whatever I am concerned, anxious or worried about. At times that is a bit hard to do, but for an instant I smile, say a little prayer of thanks, and breath a sigh of relief. 

That little penny may not be worth very much these days, but those words mean the world to me. 

It is also a reminder to me that God handles all things including the littlest things in our lives.  It sits on the edge to remind me that we may be sitting on the edge, with not much to hang on to, but with God we can rest easy and know that He will take care of us. 

So, if you ever come to my house, see those pennies, I hope it brings you some of the same feeling of comfort that only God can bring. 

Feel free to steal my idea and place your own pennies around at places to help you in everyday life that sometimes gets us down. 

Have a blessed day! 


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