Sunday, June 24, 2012


Welcome to SUMMER Time! 

Days are longer, temps rise, sun shines, rains fall, storms blow through.

We get busy with outdoor events. Gardens call our name as the plants grow and produce fruit and vegetables. Weeds grow that we need to weed out. Grass grows and needs to be mowed. 
School is out and the kids are home, wanting something to do so they aren't bored. 
There are sports events, picnics, long drives, walks in the park. Swimming in the lake or pool. 

We take a break from our work and go away on a vacation, or two. Or stay at home during that time off to rest, relax, or catch up on a long over due task. 

And things break. Here so far this year it has been my lap top, my sewing machine,  then the dish washer finally quit, then DH's truck needed tires and the next day the AC compressor went out on his pick up. Then the lawn mower broke.   So, we buy new, replace old, repair what can be fixed and other things we let go. We now wash dishes by hand again. ;)   And we are thankful that it's not worse, and that God provides work so we can pay the bills. 

All the while we, as quilters, continue to quilt. Some may not quilt as much because they are too busy. Others may quilt more because they have more time.  We also attend quilt shows. We are not going to any big ones this year. But I know some who are. They are exciting to attend. If you have not been and get the chance to go, by all means go! You will see some amazing quilts, get inspired and meet some wonderful people.

And so, Summer begins. May you all have a great start to it. May you stay safe with the coming 4th of July. And may you find time in your busy summer to keep the needles going creating quilts for those you love, the charities you donate them to and for yourself. 

Catch y'all later. 

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