Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today is the 'Day In-between" for me and a reminder of why we make t-shirt quilts.

 I am currently make three t-shirt quilts for a customer out of her late husband's t-shirts, jeans and a jean shirt. No real set block sizes, no sashing between the blocks. I'm just doing random squares of the logos and prints of a wide variety of t-shirts he had collected over the years.
He was killed in a motorcycle accident earlier this year and she is doing these for her young grandchildren.

As quilter's we often get asked if we make t-shirt quilts, quilts from old clothes, quilts from baby clothes that they have out grown. Many quilters do not, because of the detailed work involved. I do make them.

Today, for me is, as the title says, The Day In-between.  You see on November 12, 1979 my father passed away. He had COPD, had been a smoker most of his life. The memories he left me are many. These include a quilt my mother made when I was 10 and is featured elsewhere in this blog.
It was made with scraps of the fabric she used to make so many or our clothes. It was also my Daddy's favorite 'blanket' as it was heavy and he liked the weight of it.

Tomorrow is the anniversary from Nov 14, 1993 when my father in law passed away. I had only known him for 20 some years. But he was special. He was a man of integrity, man of his word. Believed in a handshake was a contract, you took a man at his word.

Both men served our country, my Dad in the Army, my father in law in the Navy.  The timing of Veterans day around the time they each passed.... also special. 

Another interesting thing about both these men. Their birthdays. Born in different years, but one was May 2 and the other was May 7.

I have found so many things that connect my husband and I with odd dates that fit both his family and mine.

Today, as I sit here listening to my precious new grandson wake up, I am reminded of the love of family.  The joy a family brings to each other. And the wonderful memories we have of passed family members. What a great memory to younger family members to have a quilt, especially to have one made out of t-shirts their parent or grandparent wore.

While most of you may not have a "Day In-Between' to remember loved ones, take time as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas to reflect on family memories.

Thank you Daddy and Jack for the memories, love and joy you brought into my life.


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