Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keeping the House Safe

Tiny hand of AJ

Little AJ sleeping at Granny and Papaw's
We have a new little one in our midst this holiday season. He is still tiny, but growing well. 
Seeing him grow before our eyes and knowing that it won't be long before he is crawling around got me thinking. Safety! 

This time of year we all get into decorating our homes. 
We move furniture, put up fall decorations. A wreath on the front door.
We place candles around the house for the aroma and glow. 
We bake cookies and other sweets to consume and share. 
Our quilted table runners and wall hangings grace our homes. 

And then the Christmas decorations and the tree get put out.  
We put ornaments on the tree, candles on the mantle, and the center piece of the table. 
We put tinsel and garland on the tree. 
We wrap the gifts and put them under the tree. 
We hang the stockings.

And we take so much for granted. We assume the little ones will keep their hands away from everything. We think that the little ones who join parents in a visit to our home will behave. 
I'm not saying that all kids will run around the house and break things, I'm thinking that little ones tend to find the little things we don't think about as being harmful. 

There comes a time in our lives when, if there are little ones in our lives, that we have to take precautions. Don't invite danger. Don't invite possible harm to them. 

A sterile house is nearly impossible - don't even attempt that one (unless you want to or have to). 
A clean house is not always possible 100% of the time. 
A neat house, an organized house.... we can try. 
A safe house ---- we can try harder. 

For those who have new little ones in the house, new grandchildren who will come visit and spend time with you, or little ones who may even just stop in to visit here are some things to look at and consider when you are decorating. 

* Electrical cords --- keep them hidden and out of the reach of the little ones who walk or crawl. 
* Candles - keep these out of reach. Those enclosed in glass may fall and break. Any candle lit should especially be out of reach and attention paid to them at all times while lit. 
* Tinsel on the tree can be reached by little hands. It can fall onto the floor and be picked up by little hands and even bare little feet. 
* Real pine can shed its needles can be when picked up be put in a child's mouth, or can almost act like a pin into their hands or feet. 
* Table runners can be pulled off tables.
* Food dropped on the floor can be picked up by those little hands crawling on the floor and put in their mouths.  I don't expect a spotless floor, just watch the little ones under foot while you cook and bake. 
* A hot stove, open oven door, open refrigerator, or pantry area -- all invitation to little ones. 
* Some plants are poisonous so be careful about those for kids as well as pets. 
* Artificial snow and small decorations should be kept out of  reach.  
* Wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and scissors - put them all away when you are done wrapping gifts. 
* And laptops, cords, cell phones and ear bugs, chargers, Ipods, Kindles, other electronic devices.... Remote controls.... keep in a safe place. This is also so you know where they are since many hands moving them around when your not watching may cause you undo stress from having to search for them.

And the best thing to remember --- when the kids are quiet ----- it's time to go find out why!  Trouble is sure to follow the silence. LOL
These are just a few off the top of my head.   I think this year we will be safe around our house as our little AJ won't be crawling yet. At least I don't think he will be. By next year he will be walking so this year I will pay attention to who I decorate and make notes for next year

As you prepare your home for the holidays, for extra company, and guests who just drop in, keep your home safe.

And for those whose quilting or craft area is in the main part of your home, it may be time to put more of your supplies up and away while others are there. Pins, needles, scissors, irons, threads, fabric and craft scraps.... Up up and away....

Til next time - keep those needles stitching. 


PS - updates on making your home child safe:

** Medications! Keep them locked up or high enough they can not get to them. Even with child proof caps ---- kids can get them open. 
** Electrical outlets - keep them covered. Buy the outlet covers as little hands or mouths can get to them. 
**  To help figure out what they can get into, get down on the floor and crawl around. See what they see.  Reach what they can reach. 

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