Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time Marches On

Santa Granny's Star Block
Time keeps marching on. Each night we call it a day, fall asleep and awake to start fresh and accomplish everything on our 'to do' list as well as everything we didn't get done the day before. In the middle of all the 'best made plans...' is reality. 

My reality seems to be 'how much can I cram into a single day?'. And I continue to add more and more. When I talk or post all that I do in one day people ask me how I do it, when do I have time, and 'do you ever sleep?"  

Time management.  (And to be honest I feel I waste a lot of time.) Set your priorities.

Lists - I make them from time to time when I have a LOT to get done and feel myself rushed to get it all done. 

Delegate - When I am overwhelmed I do have 'people'.  It's great to have 'people'. Whether it is my husband who helps with the cooking, cleaning up, laundry, or accepting that the house isn't always perfect; or a friend who helps with my quilting from time to time when I am backed up; or the customer who puts a smile on my face when I feel stressed. That customer isn't delegated specifically but that is when the spontaneous events of the day help pull us through. 

Breath - yes, I do that from time to time.  I am blessed to live in the country with some great views from our back deck. By just taking a few moments during the day, when I am at home working, to look outside and on nice days to go outside and just gaze out into never never land helps keep the mind clear. 

Sleep - o.k. I consider sleep overrated and if I didn't have to sleep I probably wouldn't. However, everyone needs sleep. Some need more sleep than others to be able to be their best. Find out how much sleep you need and do your best to get that every night. 

Eating right - This is important all year 'round. But especially this time of year. We are surrounded by sweet treats, Christmas parties and a busy life that seems to take away the time to eat the way we should. We grab the fast food, make a quick sandwich instead of a full square meal. We relish the sweet cookies, fudge, candies, cakes and pies that come with the holidays. From October until Jan 1st we tend to eat wrong. Then on Jan 1 we all go on that diet we vow to keep. Learn to limit the sweet treats, eat square meals instead of fast food all the time. 

Exercise - O.k. I know most of us hate that word, and usually don't participate. We work on our feet, we walk while we shop (and then grab a fast food bite to eat). By the time we get home and can sit down- that is all we want to do is sit down.  I'm guilty here as well. Let's try to go for a short walk, do some stretches.  (I'll try ;)) No promises on this one even from me - until Jan. So I won't hold you to this

So, as the days count down and Christmas comes upon us before we know it, take time to do what you can, delegate what you can't and for all the rest that doesn't get done... be true to yourself and admit we can only do so much.  (There have been many times the Christmas gifts from me are "I.O.U.'s").  

And in preparation for next year ----- start thinking Christmas gifts in Jan. That is what my Granny always did.  I wish I had her organizational skills to do that......maybe next year.

In the mean time, as you have time, and until next time......

Keep those needles stitching, the crafts and gifts going, the wrapping started, the tree and decor put up, the hot chocolate ready, the egg nog fresh, the cookies baking, and the joy of the Christmas season in our hearts.   




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