Saturday, December 15, 2012

When you run out of time.....

When you run out of time this close to Christmas and all you want to do is throw your arms in the air, join the club. You are not alone. Each year many of us have great plans to have it all done, gifts wrapped and under the tree or in the mail to their destinations by now. We vow each January that this year we will do better at Christmas time....... and here we are again ---- behind. 

Never give up.  Get even more creative. Go with  gift certificates, or even an almost done gift or an IOU. 

But do them creatively. 

Gift Certificates:
Create you own Gift Certificates.  Write on it what you are making for them. Add a photo of what the finished item will look like. 

Almost done gift:
Large bed quilt not done? Give the quilt top as a gift with a note that you will be getting it finished as soon after the holiday as you can. Explain that your longarmer was backed up with other quilts.  (I was/am.)

IOU's work if you have totally run out of time to even get the gift started. Last year I made a wall hanging for my daugther with an IOU for three others throughout the year for each season.  She got all three in time throughout the year and an extra one on her birthday!
If not making the gift buy unable to purchase the gift asked for? IOU's work, the money and a card with a note saying what the money is to be used for.  Or create a miniture of the gift. A tiny toy replica of the larger tool wanted. A photo of the gift.  Use your imagination to it's fullest. 

And if all else fails and you don't even have a clue what you are getting someone..... if they live close enough you can make gift certificates for babysitting, cleaning their house, going shopping for them if they can't get out to shop on their own, taking them to the doctor or other appointments.  The list goes on and  on. 

Bake cookies and give them and the recipe along with it. Create a small cook book with some of your favorite foods that you know they like as well. 

As I am reaching the time of being creative in my own gift giving this year, I leave you with a few simple suggestions... Take a deep breath, know that most people will be understanding and don't over work yourself to the point that you can't enjoy Christmas day.  The most important thing is to be with family and friends and to celebrate the true meaning of the season.  
And this year we pray for the many who will be without family members.  

Til next time - keep the needles stitching, the creativeness flowing and let your smile glow with the joy in your heart. 



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