Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve/Twelve/Twelve - 12/12/12

Welcome to 12

I'm a lady of numbers, just ask my husband. He is amazed at what I remember when it comes to dates. 

I even remember some classmates birthdays before they are posted on Facebook. 
I know were I was when I heard that Kennedy was shot, when the first man walked on the moon, when 911 happened.  
Of course I'm going to write about today being 12/12/12

12 days of Chritmas
12th of never
12 hours in a half day
12 eggs in a dozen
and today the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012.   It is the last time a date will have triple double numbers. Until 12/12/2112. LOL 

    So what are you doing today that's special? Will you remember it by the end of next year? 

Today - I finished and shipped out a quilt for my one customer, Ali, who is making three quilts with the help of several people across the country for the Hurricane Sandy Relief. 
Sandy Relief Quilt 1
I am getting ready to finish a small order for Kindle cases for customers for Christmas gifts. 
Kindle Case

Kindle Case

Then I'm going to work on gifts for my family. 
Then I may take time out to breath! LOL 

Wishing you all a great and memorable day! 

 Til next time - 
Keep those needles stitching, but take time to enjoy the day and all that it has to offer. 



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  1. Phyllis, the first quilt looks wonderful! Thank you so much! ~Ali