Saturday, May 11, 2013


Happy Mother's Day 

In memory of my mother who taught me to sew at an early age. Although she only made one quilt in her life, I somehow got the bug for quilting once I learned how.I still have the quilt she made. 
I can still smell the aroma of the fabric store I would go to with her when I was little. So full of all kinds of fabrics. 
I can still picture the clothes she made for us and others. Still have the Barbie doll clothes she made! 
She was an amazing woman.
So many fond memories of Mom. She was a great influence to me and to my children.
I miss her every day. 

May you all have a wonderful day with your Moms and your children. I will be blessed to spend it with my daughter as she celebrates her first Mother's Day.

Til next time.....


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