Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th and Mom's quilt for Daddy

67 years ago today my parents were married. Their love story is a memorable one the way the used to tell it.  They met while Daddy was on a short leave from the Army. He went with a friend of his to visit other friends and that is when he met Mom.  They wrote letters to each other from that day forward. (Don't recall how long it was- maybe a year? ) until in December he came back to visit Mom. He told her he was getting married!  She asked who he was getting married to, and he said,"You!"  She had three days!

They got married while he was still on leave, Mom moved from MA to NY to live with his parents while he returned to serve in the Army. They later moved to PA.

9 months later my sister was born. 
10 years and 9 months later I was born.

A lot of history, a lot of stories happened over the many years they were together. They are both gone now, Daddy in 1979, Mom in 1990. I miss them and think of them every day. 

Both were very talented. Daddy was artistic, Mom was a seamstress. I think I inherited some of my talent from each of them. My sister also inherited the artistic talent!

I know Mom would be proud that after many years of not sewing a stitch I now am not only sewing again, but have my own quilting company!   She only made one quilt in her life and I helped her make it when I was 10.  I still have that quilt, made from all the scraps (stash) she had saved from all the clothes she made us.  Wools and tweeds on one side and cottons on the other. She didn't put any batting in between and she tied a few of the corners just enough to hold it all together.  Daddy loved it because it was heavy.

I look at the quilt now, and see the wear and tear, the stains, the rough spots that have joined the beauty and to memories of all the fabrics. I still remember some of the clothes she made with those same fabrics.
I wish for you today and always a lifetime of treasures, memories of times long ago and a future of new treasures and memories we all can make for our families. 

----Phyllis ----

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  1. Thank you for sharing your parents story. They had a difficult start. I just cann't imagine what it must be like to be a young woman, just married, to move in with the in-laws. She must have missed her husband terribly. It was such a difficult and dangerous time for all.
    I love the quilt I often notice that the best memories are not connected to expensive items, but to things that were used all the time or during special occasions.
    I hope you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.
    Dutch hugs