Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas day is past, but I am sure some have yet celebrated it, or finished celebrating it this year.
We will finish on Thursday with a dinner at my daughter and son in law's with his family. 
Then next weekend the Christmas decorations will come down and be stored until next year. 

Today, though I am taking time to reflect over the past year and all that I have accomplished.  A lot of what I have done is thanks to my wonderful family who supports me and encourages me to keep going, keep doing, keep being creative and to keep reaching out to try new things. 

Another part of what I've been able to get done this year is in thanks to all my quilting friends and customers. Without them I'm not sure where I'd been in the quilting world right now. 

In the midst of your busy lives this week I hope each of you is able to take at least a few moments to reflect over the past year. I know there are some who have gone through some rough times, some tragic times, health issues, work issues, relationship issues and more. We have all also had times of good times, new jobs, new family members, new creations, new friends, old friends found.  

To those we've lost - may we remember them with laughter and fond memories.
To those we have gained into our lives as family members - what a joy. 
To those we have gained into our lives as new friends - welcome.
To those we have gained back into our lives from years past - a warm embrace long over due. 
To those that have entered our lives due to a mutual hobby, craft or business, i.e. quilting, may we continue to stitch our lives into a tight weave that never unravels. 

I wish for you all the best final week of 2011. May we look forward to 2012 with great expectation, great plans, and hope and prayers for a better year. 


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