Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day of 2011

Welcome to the last day of 2011.  Here in East TN the sun is shinning, the clouds are blue, the clouds are puffy white. The temp is near 60, and I saw a Robin in the front yard this morning. All signs of spring!  What a great way to end the year!  

I hope each of you is spending the day doing what you like to do best. If you are not able to be doing that I hope you are making the best of what you are having to do and take care of today. 

I hope you stay safe tonight in your celebrating of the New Year. I know some of you from around the world are already into the new year, and hope it was a safe one for you. 

While the new year as a whole is something exciting to look forward to as a whole with big plans, hopes and dreams, we will wake up in the morning to just a new day and we realize we can make the plans, dream the dreams and have the hopes but we still take one day at a time. With each new day I wish for you to be one step closer to all your plans, hopes and dreams. 

My plan for the new year is to learn more about quilting, share more about what I learn with you. I hope to grow the business and hope that you come along for the ride. 

Have a great day/eve/night and...


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