Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Friendship Ribbon" block

"Friendship Ribbons" Quilt Design
There is a saying that goes, " if you want something done, ask a busy person".  I do tend to get a lot done when under deadlines, or have a lot to get done, so it fits me. And it especially fits me over the last few weeks. 

The above pattern picture is my own designed block that when put together into a quilt will make a quilt that looks like the second picture. 

I made it as part of a BOM (Block of the month) that is going on in a quilting forum I am a member of. June was my month to submit a design.  Of course I couldn't just find one out there on the internet, I had to create my own! Love designing!   The overall design is all in the lay out of the pieces that make up the one block. If you switch any piece, or lay the blocks out differently to make the quilt, the overall design will be different.  It's amazing at how by just making tiny changes in a block if will change the larger picture!  

Well, as I stated ..."...ask a busy person." 

I've been busy working on customer quilts doing longarm work. Three down, one to go. Then I have two charity quilts to longarm that members of the guild I belong to made. These quilts are then donated to the local VA residents. 

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to Humboldt, TN for the 75th Strawberry Festival and there I met some of the people he grew up with. One of his former classmates had a quilt that a relative had started. The top was made but she wanted it completed. So she sent it home with me. I should have that done in another week. 

In addition to all that I have started two wall hangings, one for my daughter and son in law and one for me. 

Oh, plus worked at my regular job and took time out to spend part of the day with my daughter and son in law on Tuesday. It was a good day! A day which led to the next project ------ a baby quilt!  Winnie the Pooh, here we come!  We found out that it is a boy! 
Can't wait! I still get to teach him to quilt right?   

 I leave you now with a lot on my plate to get done over the next two weeks. I think I can do it. 

Wishing you all a HAPPY and SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.   

You will find me in the quilt studio!

Til next time-----


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