Friday, May 18, 2012


Sunrise May 18 2012
Good Morning! Hope today finds you well, and eager to enjoy the day with the beauty around you. My DH took this picture this morning from our deck. LOVE our view and the ever changing scenes we are blessed with each day. 

This week has been a busy week at Quilter's Pantry. After several days away on a short vacation, getting back into the swing of things took a day or two. Don't you just hate needing a vacation to recover from a vacation?  But, now I'm back on track with the energy. Also back on the busy fast track of quilting and making other items for my customers. 

As the saying goes, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." Somehow, I've managed to plan about two days worth of projects in each day for the next month. I promise I will take time out to breath, eat and sleep --- somewhere. Those of you who know me.... know me - you may have to remind me to relax. Oh, wait, you may have to describe what that word means first.
The joy in our lives continues. We found out in Feb that our daughter is going to have a baby in October!  This Tuesday I will be taking time away/off to go with them to find out if I get to make a quilt for a baby girl or a baby boy!  It is our daughter's first baby, plus they only live 5 miles away. You all know what that means...... we get to spoil this little one!  I will keep you updated over the next few months and of course share pics of the little one! 

With a full day of work ahead of me, and other tasks to get done before I even get to work, I will let you all get back to your day. May you have a great day, a successful day, a positive day. 

Until next time --- 


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