Sunday, July 8, 2012


In my post the other day I showed the difference that fabric choices make when quilting.
I've made two more of those blocks with still different fabrics.  I've also added borders to nearly all of the blocks. Adding the borders just gives them more life and makes a big difference.

As these are not being made to go into a complete quilt, but will be used as wall hangings or table covers these are ready to be longarmed and then a binding put on them.  Once they are done I will show what a difference longarm quilting makes to them. 

Each step of quilting, each color or print choice, each added element all make a difference in the over all look and final result of what your quilt project will look like. 

Never be afraid to experiment with color combinations. Never be afraid of trying a new block or a new technique.  I have several techniques I've not tried yet.  Someday...

Til next time --
Happy Quilting!


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