Monday, July 30, 2012


In the world of quilting there are many aspects to the art and creativity of the process. 
Some people look at a pattern or a completed quilt and want to make it exactly as it is. Others want to make the pattern but use different fabrics as often the exact fabrics are no longer available. (Another reason when you see fabric you LOVE, buy enough of it). 

I see patterns and quilts and not only want it in different fabrics, colors most of the time, I also want to make changes to the overall pattern. I have only made 4 quilts totally by following a pattern. And only one that used the fabrics that were used in the original pattern. 

And so it is with my latest wall hanging. I had been working on other quilting projects and saw the Fons' and Porter Easy Quilts magazine for fall 2012. I opened the magazine to see if there were any quilts I liked. I sometimes find one or two, sometimes none. This time I found one. Immediately I saw the quilt 'my way'.  

Not having time to purchase the magazine I took a photo of the quilt. By the time I returned to buy the magazine there were no more left to buy.  Plus, I had noticed that the actual pattern was not included in the magazine.  Since I was going to make major changes in the pattern I just took the photo that was on my cell phone, studied it and figured out all the measurements to make the wall hanging. 

I also did the process backwards from what is 'Normal' in  that I waited to make the center block  until I had the first outlining border done. I did the outer borders at the end, but the inner border was done before the center block was made.  This required a lot of calculations all along the process. 

Weeds and Tweeds by Jacqueline Paton through Red Rooster Fabrics and Fons and Porter
Here is my inspiration quilt. Original design called "Weeds and Tweeds' by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster Fabrics. 

And here is the "Gifts of the Sea" wall hanging top I made that was inspired by the above quilt.

"Gifts of the Sea" by Phyllis Dewey
It still needs to be longarmed and the binding put on which I will get to next month.  

Also - since the time that I made the top I went on line and found the pattern on line for free.  I reading the pattern I found that I did things a little bit on the 'did it the hard way", but that is part of living and learning.  The end result is what counts. 
And remember: It's not in what is there, it is in what you see. 
Feel free to interrupt what you see into what you want.  

Enjoy your day and your freedom to be creative. 


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